Fallen and miserable: daughter renounced Alexander Serov

Fallen and miserable: daughter renounced Alexander

Is Alisa Arishina a daughter of Alexander Serov? Promised in the previous program Andrei Malakhov, the result of the DNA test was announced in the “Live”. He at 99.9 percent indicates that the famous singer is the father of a 29-year-old girl, whose mother, three decades ago, had an affair with him.

True, Serov himself had denied the novel and was very impartial in the press about Valentin Arishina, called her a party-goer and a hunter for sperm, and Alice a child from a test tube.

Now he is ready to apologize for these words and wants to establish relations with his daughter. But now she does not want to open her arms to her father.

Alisa assures that the lawyers of the family are ready, but for slander one must answer. Moreover: she calls the singer a “descended and miserable” person, for whose kinship she is “embarrassed,” and claims that she does not need anything from her father.

Alisa herself is preparing for the wedding: she spent the last years with her mother in Tenerife, was engaged in photography, furniture restoration and worked in real estate. Then the girl moved to Los Angeles to the groom, whom she met on the Internet. Recently, the couple signed in Las Vegas, but the wedding ceremony was not yet.

He does not think that Serov and Alisa’s mother Valentina should be present on it. After all, he still did not take any part in the life of his daughter.

Recently, the singer has fallen under the crossfire of his former women. His ex-wife Elena previously told that he beat her, their daughter Michel sided with her mother, for which Serov publicly called her “bastard.” Now the second daughter, in fact, disowned him.

In this case, the singer himself, who was once considered a sex symbol of the Russian stage, argues that, on the contrary, it was his wife Elena who lied to him and changed it.

Why do some of the guests in the studio think that Alice’s mother herself is partly to blame for the fact that her daughter does not now accept her father, how Alexander Serov reacted to the results of the DNA test, why Valentina Arishina still does not want to communicate with him, and whether the singer will be able to establish relations with acquired daughter? About this – in the program ” Andrei Malakhov. Live “on the channel “Russia 1” .

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