Failing agreement with LR, UDI is planning to go alone to the presidential

Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the UDI, raises the possibility that the centrist party leave alone in the presidential election of 2017 for lack of an agreement on the primary with Republicans (LR), in an interview broadcast Saturday on the site of the World.

“Mandated by the unanimous UDI management, I wrote a month ago and a half . Nicolas Sarkozy to this day, I still have no answer, “he says:” in the absence of agreement, our members will draw the necessary conclusions “

According to the. president of the UDI, “said LR morning, noon and night he wants a primary right and center, but seems to refuse to build alternating coalition with the centrists.”

” if they want to replicate the single party of the right, as from 2002 to 2012, the primary does not concern us, “he says.

the centrist UDI must decide at a convention March 20 if they participate or not in the primary, officially known as the primary right and center (20 and 27 November).

If members oppose such participation “because of refusal of an agreement on the part of RS, the UDI will prepare presidential and legislative project. The militants then choose how to wear it before the French and by that, “he said.

The UDI wants an agreement” for a national alternative “with the party chaired by Nicolas Sarkozy.” Finally , you need an agreement on legislation “- which will follow a few weeks the presidential election -“. where IDUs and LR would be represented at fair electoral weight, “said Mr. Lagarde

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