Facebook closes its application Paper

In line following the closure last year of Creative Labs, the studio who developed the Paper application, the application has been withdrawn in sales of the Apple Store and stop run on 29 July, Facebook announced Thursday, June 30

Launched in 2014, Paper was an aggregator of information provided users with a smartphone brand Apple reading press articles. Contrary to what was originally envisaged, the application had not been available for sale on platforms other than the Apple Store and it was only downloaded in the US.

on the Facebook page of the community, the team of Paper explains that his goal was” to experiment with new ways of reading and interacting with content on Facebook. ” Mike Matas, one of the leaders of Paper, thanked on Twitter the “more than a hundred thousand people who were still using the application after these years.”

replaced by Articles Instant

Application Articles Instant, launched in France last November, is expected to consolidate the functionality of Paper. “The team that built Paper is the same as that originally Instant Articles, which is based on numerous tools and design elements” that are already found on Paper, it is stated in the text posted on Facebook.

following the “Parisien”, the first newspaper to have joined the social network in France, several newspapers as “liberation” or “Team” joined the movement and allowed the reading of their content on Instant items. This application, now open to all media, allows mobile users to view articles without leaving the social network, which allows Facebook to keep much of the hearing and to guarantee a shortcut loading time.

Conversely, other newspapers like “Le Figaro” has not yet taken the plunge. “The problem with this service is that it can break the link between the media and drive,” stated Marc FeuillĂ©e last week, general manager of “Figaro. Some fear such that eventually the media will lose to the hearing in favor of Facebook and the user no longer makes the link between the content and the media brand.

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