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Exhibition and theatre family around the taste


In the framework of the Week of taste, the City of the Passage-d’agen is hosting two events tomorrow at the cultural centre. The afternoon will begin with an interactive exhibition, to 14 hours. Presented by collective Arts Etc on the themes of agriculture, conservation and food rations over time, it will also address the kitchen of yesteryear, but also the power in the culture of different continents. At 16: 30, the Theater’s Job will be on stage to present the show ” mouth water “. It tells the story of two washerwomen who, when they find themselves, love to tell stories, ones that their great-parents and, before them, their own grandparents, passed down… The opportunity to rediscover four traditional tales : “The Wolf and the Shepherdess “, ” Grenouillette “, “The Fairy and the secret of the pancake” and ” The Fox and the Goat “.

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