Exceptional snowfall sows havoc in transportation

Exceptional snowfall sows havoc in

At least 1,500 people spent the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in reception centers, train stations or airports in Ile-de-France and the SNCF advises to postpone travel: exceptional snowfall sow havoc in transport , especially in the Paris region.
On Wednesday morning a thick white coat covered the sidewalks of Paris and its region, where many stranded users had to abandon their vehicle on the N118, southwest of the capital, and find refuge in a gymnasium.
In total, according to a count at 06:30, 46 shelters were opened in the region to accommodate more than 600 people. About 700 people were also accommodated in the stations of Montparnasse and Austerlitz and 230 at Orly airport, detailed police headquarters.
The snowy episode “notable and durable” makes the conditions of difficult traffic on an axis going from the Pays de la Loire and Poitou to the Ardennes, while passing by the Ile-de-France, according to Météo-France, which maintained Wednesday morning 25 departments vigilant orange snow and ice until 13H00.
At 05H00, Météo-France reported 8 cm of snow in Tours, 12 cm in Paris-Montsouris, 11 cm in Blois, 13 in Roissy and Orly, 14 cm in Orleans and 15 cm in Chartres.
“We are on a scenario of strengthening the snow while the holding is facilitated by slightly lower temperatures,” said AFP Emmanuel Demael, forecaster at Météo-France. The situation could become critical in the night from Wednesday to Thursday with the drop in temperatures – down to minus 10 degrees – and the appearance of “frost” on snowy ground, he added.
In Ile-de-France, a peak of 739 kilometers of traffic jams was recorded Tuesday shortly before 7:30 pm by the Sytadin road news site.
In the late evening in the north of Paris, at the tram stop 3b near the door of the Chapel, “fucking”, “shit” were firing on all the tones: more bus and the electronic panel of the tram indicated the next departure in 36 minutes for a partial service, 55 minutes to the terminus Porte de Vincennes.
– Disturbed transport –
The traffic on the lines 1, 2, 5 and 6 of the Parisian tramway should only resume at 12H00, Wednesday, according to the RATP.
School transport will not circulate Wednesday in several departments, including the Orne, East Eure, Seine-Saint-Denis, Essonne, Yvelines, Seine-et-Marne, Marne and Center-Val de Loire region.
The SNCF, it advises its “customers to postpone their travel”. “Rail traffic will be very disrupted all the morning in the Ile-de-France with less than one train on two on average on the transilien lines” and “speeds” reduced on the main lines, told AFP a spokesperson of the company.
In Ile-de-France, on the main roads, traffic was banned Tuesday from 14H00 vehicles over 7.5 tonnes that had to circumvent the region or stop on one of the 43 storage areas of trucks, according to the Prefecture of Police.
The prefect of police, Michel Delpuech asked the motorists Ile-de-France “not to take their vehicle this morning in order not to accentuate these points of blockages and to allow the intervention of the forces of the order, the services of relief and the operators concerned. ”
The Eiffel Tower is closed since Tuesday. Orly airport was exceptionally left open until 01:00 against 23:30 usually to allow planes to take off. But not everyone was able to leave and passengers slept on the ground in the airport terminal.
“As soon as there is a little snow, it’s still the bazaar,” groaned Pierre, 78 years old leaving for Reunion. “They defrost and then we have an hour of waiting and so it’s refreshing,” gets Jacques, 74 years old.
Twenty-two departments, including eight Ile-de-France, the North and the Rhone, have activated since Monday their “cold alert” for housing homeless. With the key to the opening of a thousand emergency accommodation places, in addition to the 13,000 already planned for the winter: 649 additional places in IDF, 110 in a gymnasium of Lyon …
Friday could see the arrival of a new snowy disturbance, this time from the Northwest, affecting a whole section of the Hauts-de-France to Limousin through the Ile-de-France.

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