Exceptional aid of 2 million euros for the companies of Cilaos after the passage of Berguitta

due to bad weather conditions caused by cyclone Ava and the storm Berguitta, The Meeting, and, more particularly, Cilaos, have been seriously affected. The access to The RN 5 Route de Cilaos has been interrupted, causing financial harm to businesses cilaosiennes.

The Region Meeting, as the leader of the economy, wants answers operational and financial, to enable companies cilaosiennes to maintain their activities.

At the operational level, The Region is putting in place, from 7 to 16 February 2018, a permanent Region for the aid regional economic. The permanence will be held at the town Hall of Cilaos, 8am to 12pm and 12.45 pm à16h30 and will have the maximum of information on the aid which the businesses of the circus will be able to apply.

financial assistance outstanding of € 2 million dedicated in the economic sector is allocated in order to compensate for the losses caused by Berguitta.

The main objectives of this support :

- enable enterprises to Cilaos, and more particularly those operating in tourism, to meet their operating expenses (salaries, supplies, maintenance work, various loads, etc.) in the expectation of a proper resumption of their activity ;
- foster communication and promotion of the territory and providing support to professional organisations present in the circus, in order to boost the attractiveness of the circus with tourists and local.

The main criteria for this support :

– Beneficiaries : SMALL and medium sized businesses whose registered office is at Cilaos

– supported : a portion of the losses and operating expenses compared with the same period n-1, on a period to be defined in function of the re-opening of the road.

The significant difficulties of access to this territory is very touristic are likely to jeopardize the activity of the structures that are installed on it (over 150 companies).

An additional budget will be deployed to ensure the professional groups in the promotion of Cilaos in connection with the various partners in the tourism (IRT, ERT, Office of Tourism).

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