Equipe de France : Deschamps dismisses the question Benzema

Equipe de France : Deschamps dismisses the question Benzema

French national football team coach Didier Deschamps gives a press conference in Paris on May 18, 2017, to announce his squad for the World Cup 2018 qualifiers against Sweden on June 9, and friendly football match against Paraguay and England on June 2 and 13. / AFP / FRANCK FIFE

The tone is firm, the subject is a blur. Wielding dry humor and tongue of wood with skill, Didier Deschamps has played on velvet, Thursday, may 18, twenty-four hours after the publication in L’equipe a maintenance abrasive with Karim Benzema.

As expected, the boss of the Blues has once again chosen not to call the attacker in madrid for the friendly matches against Paraguay (June 2) and England (13 June), as well as for the meeting and qualifying for the Russian World of 2018 against Sweden (June 9).

Although “selectable, ” according to the French football Federation (FFF), Karim Benzema, 29 years old, is put under the ban of the Blues since November 2015 and its implementation review in the case of the blackmail over sextape made to his team-mate Mathieu Valbuena.

on the eve of the announcement of this list, the Real Madrid striker (18 goals this season in all competitions) had chosen to put the pressure on Deschamps and the sommer to break a silence maintained since April, 2016.

Benzema : “All of this is no longer “

All this no longer holds, after a while, was wailing in L’equipe the one who will play on June 3, its third champions League final with the Merengue. in We exhume a bunch of things as to justify non-return. There is greater consistency between what is happening and explain the situation and what is happening around. That’s why I asked for explanations to the breeder. This may last up to two minutes, an explanation. This is not complicated, an explanation. “

” If it is for soccer, it is football. If it is for anything else, it is for anything else “, insisted Benzema, anxious to move his case on a more societal or even politics.

Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena, at the time when they were playing together again in the France team, in training course of preparation to the world Cup in 2014.

Far away to really give the underside of his decision, the boss of the Blue was justified in his way, invoking the concept of “ group “.

I will make you an answer : the team of France was built before the Euro, it was consolidated through the competition where France has managed to go in the final, has developed the technician. the It has continued to be in this phase of qualifications. I have a group with a balance, in which there is a real harmony. “

Deschamps : “I won’t change anything “

I trusted the players who have responded on the field, I have incorporated young players because I think they have a strong potential, has continued to the captain of the champions of the world 1998, with an air of sententious. the I am the sole decision maker, I take decisions in a sport. For me, I have always considered as a group, the collective, is above all, I always take decisions for the good of the team of France. (…) I would not change anything. “

if Benzema had motivated many journalists to attend the press point of Deschamps. Some have probed the breeder about any “annoyance” caused by the statements of the scorer of Real Madrid. A few days before the opening of the Euro 2016, this last insured, in the columns of Marca, the boss of the Blues had yielded “to the pressure of a part of a racist France ” en does not adhere to the tournament.

I don’t have the habit to be annoyed. I don’t have a problem with criticism. I’ve been player “, has answered Deschamps.

” This is pitiful “

In the auditorium of the FFF, the journalists of the’Team have asked Deschamps if he does not wish to retaliate, “ more violently “ to the declarations of Benzema. “This is part of my job. This can create one-off problems. I’m not surprised by that, I’m prepared “, has swept the Basque, impassively.

This is ridiculous “, a-t-he ended up letting go when the daily sports newspaper has been arrested on “like”, granted by Benzema with a collage of photos shared on Instagram by his friend, the rapper Booba. That photomontage, published after a technical exploit of the attacker against Atlético Madrid in the semi-finals of the champions League, was in the process of switching between the ex-prime minister Manuel Valls (who was against his return in the France team), his former teammate at the Blues Olivier Giroud (selected)… and Didier Deschamps.

Arm wrestling

The press conference of the breeder suggests that a soft-focus still reigns around the case Benzema, whose name is not mentioned any more by the official accounts of the Blue on social media since a year and a half. The case has come to an end in the measure where the player is waiting for an explanation, ” in the face and eyes in the eyes “, it will probably not. Feeling the victim of a form of contempt despite his state service with the Traffic (81 caps, 27 goals since 2007), the protégé of coach in madrid Zinedine Zidane does not, however, abdicate.

This would be easier now to say : “I quit.” To say that because I’ve seen enough and heard ! It would also be a lot of people that I take this decision… But I remain at the disposal of the team of France “, repeated in L’equipe Benzema, whose surname does not appear in the lists of pre-screening of fifty players.

” Benzema, Deschamps does not want any more “, it is said in the corridors of the FFF, suggesting that the attacker would not be, unless disaster sports, called selection up to the end of the mandate of Deschamps after the world Cup 2018 in Russia. In addition to the tank offensive at the disposal of the boss of the Blues (Griezmann, Mbappé, etc), one tip in particular the personality of a player in a break with the dynamic of the group.

If this was proven, the madré technician would be of no interest to assume it publicly. The arm of iron between Benzema and Deschamps is only the beginning.

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