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Elves, volume 19, The Hermit of Ourann

Here is the volume 19 of the fantasy series Elves, entitled The Hermit of the Ourann , published by Editions Sun , in October 2017. A comic of Corbeyran and Bojan Vunik, featuring five characters in search of the origins of the semi-elf people.

elf-t19-the-hermit-of-the-sun ourann Cleeriis is the narrator of her story, an old woman who repairs fishing nets on the beach. She thinks about a story that happened to her when she was thirteen. His skin was smoother and softer, his hair red, his hands clever, his voice was not shaking, his breath was not as short as it is today. The story she has lived is that of a secret, also that of the unconsciousness of youth. The old woman has difficulties in containing her emotion, yet the time has passed, a lot of time … Despite the years past this story has marked her entire life is headstaff nothing else has so much to Cleeriis. She remembers the small island of Na├óre, where she was the most intrepid oyster fisherman in the village. She was able to dive longer and deeper than anyone. While she was bringing a huge pearl home, two white elves were waiting for her …

elf-t19-the-hermit-of-the-sun-extract ourann The two elves come to ask the girl to serve as a guide, indeed the young Cleeriis knows better than anyone the waters that the two elves must cross. They will go to a small island, Ekrin, where they will discover that the inhabitants have been massacred. An old hermit, Nawel, whom young Cleeriis knows well, is not among the corpses. An investigation and mysteries are emerging in this nascent investigation. Soon readers will understand that two semi-elves are behind the abduction of the hermit, so that it can translate the story of an old book that reveals a very old secret, which concerns the birth of the first semi-elf, the myth of the primordial covenant. The story is captivating, research on these mythical origins also, to understand the story of these semi-elves. The search for the first semi-elf and its unveiled origins could have consequences for the world … The heroine, a human, reveals an unlikely story and the incredible adventure of two white elves, who want to prevent an incident that could have repercussions irreversible and two semi-elves in search of truth. The drawing is still worked and beautiful, offers a captivating universe, subtle end, with beautiful landscapes and scenes of pleasant battles.

The Hermit of the Ourann is the volume 19 of the Elfes series, which proposes to follow a girl, a koralis fisherwoman, who will find herself at the heart of an investigation, which hides many mysteries, soon surrounded by two new characters the young heroine will make a discovery that will mark his life forever, which could upset the course of things …

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