Eleven Spaniards have died in Iraq since 2003

The death today of the Valencian soldier Aaron Vidal López, 25, joins another 10 Spaniards, including diplomats, agents of the CNI and soldiers who have died in Iraq since 2003.

death today is the first since Spain returned to Iraq after removing troops twelve years ago, with the arrival of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to the government.

currently the Armed Forces have deployed in Iraq 307 . troops, most of them based in the town of Besmayah, training the Iraqi army

This is the chronology of Spanish soldiers killed in Iraq:

-. August 20, 2003 Die captain Manuel Martin Oar, who was seriously injured in the suicide bombing the day before against UN headquarters in Baghdad (Iraq), with a total of 24 dead . Martin Oar worked as deputy Spanish Ambassador on Special Mission Miguel Benzo, the Council for International Cooperation

-.. October 9, 2003 First Sergeant Army Air, Jose Antonio Bernal Gomez, is killed by a shot in the neck at the door of his house, near the Spanish Foreign Ministry in Baghdad (Iraq). The military worked as added information of the Embassy of Spain in Iraq

-.. October 26, 2003 Sergeant Spanish Army Luis Puga Gandar, 29 , dies in Diwaniya, south of Iraq, as a result of an accidental shot fired by a fellow when he was preparing his gun

. – November 29, 2003 Seven soldiers belonging to the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) are killed in an ambush in Lattefiya (Iraq), when returning from Baghdad to their base in Najaf. The victims are: Alberto Martinez Gonzalez, commander of the Army Cavalry; Carlos Baro Ollero, commander of the Army Infantry; Jose Merino Olivera, commander of the Army Infantry; Jose Carlos Rodriguez Perez, commander of the Army Infantry; Jose Lucas Egea, Cavalry Brigade of the Army; Alfonso Vega Calvo, Light Infantry Brigade of the Army; Luis Ignacio Zanon Tarazona, Sergeant radiotelegrafista Air Force

-.. January 22, 2004 The commander of the Civil Guard Gonzalo Perez Garcia is injured a shot in the head in Iraq during a joint operation of the brigade ‘Plus Ultra’ and Iraqi police in Hamsa (40 km south of Diwaniya). He died in Madrid on 4 next February, after thirteen days in a deep coma.

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