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electronic bracelet for 6 months for the man arrested at Disneyland Paris with two pistols

The back of the New York hotel near the Disneyland theme park The hotel’s back New York near the Disneyland theme park PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY AFP

the 28 year old man arrested last week at Disneyland in possession of two loaded pistols and ammunition was sentenced Tuesday to wear an electronic bracelet for six months by a court in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne).

Fifteen months in jail, nine suspended, were required against the man convert to Islam, who also had a Koran in his suitcase. He was arrested Jan. 28 at 1:00 p.m. at the Hotel New York, located next to a popular shopping mall tourists visiting the amusement park.

Restaurateur in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, full move to be closer to his three year old son who lives in Orleans with his mother, whom he is separated, the accused, shoulder-length hair gathered into a bun and shaved on the side, short beard, said he had bought a first weapon for “defend” after an assault. He added to be provided a second, after the attacks, “to cope in case of events like those of 13 November” on the terrace of his establishment.

described as a “boy with a big heart” with his companion, “somewhat pathological liar ” according to the portrait painted by the president of the court, he explained “not being able to leave weapons” at home or “coffee”. “I did not think there would be so detection. When I saw the four security agents, I did not dare turn around,” he said.

the presence next to arms and ammunition, a Koran translated into French in the bag of the young man and his conversion to Islam there ten years had caused trouble , while France saw in the jihadist threat after the 2015 attacks, but investigators had quickly dismissed the terrorist track.

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