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Eight injured in a collision between two vehicles

Eight injured in a collision between two vehicles

” I had come to Villers-sous-Pareid and me on the way to Verdun when I have not seen the arrival of a car that was coming on my right. “

This Friday, shortly before 18 h, the motorist 36 years old and lives in Saulnes in Meurthe-et-Moselle, bothered by the sun shining in front of him, has not seen the arrival of a car that had just been Buzy. “I braked and tried to avoid the shock, but eventually the other vehicle hit me on the driver’s side.” he said while his two sons, aged 16 and 12 years accompanied it.

In the other vehicle, there are six persons domiciled in Pareid, the woman is 32 years old, a man over the age of 55 years. This last is accompanied by his four children, three boys aged 13, 10 and 6 and a half years and a girl aged 4 and a half years. Five out of six people suffer a priori of minor injuries, the boy aged ten years of trauma to cervical.

In the other vehicle, the boy at the age of 16 years complains of the knee, while the driver is shocked, and is also supported by firefighters.

17 firefighters on the scene

In fact, they arrived on the scene quickly and headed by the group leader, lieutenant Louis Reato Tin moved with four ambulances of the emergency centres, Fresnes, Verdun Vigneulles les Hattonchâtel and Tin. A van of relief road came Tin is also on the premises, as well as the nurse of the fire of Verdun. In all 17 firefighters that have supported the eight victims. Which will be transported to the centre hospitalier de Verdun.

Of their sides, the gendarmes of the brigade of Tin have been investigated to understand the circumstances of this accident, but also to secure the places. In a crossroads where, according to the mayor of the village, Christian Giannini, accidents are not frequent.

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