Ehud Olmert on Monday became the first former prime minister jailed in Israel

Ehud Olmert will be jailed Monday, becoming the first former head of Israeli government serving a prison sentence after being convicted to 19 months firm to corruption and obstruction of justice.

At 70 Olmert, 2006 head of government in 2009 and long one of the strong men of Israeli politics, must report to the Maasiyahu prison in Ramle in central Israel.

There will join former President Moshe Katzav, who is serving a sentence of seven years in prison for rape at the hotel.

Mr. Olmert will spend 18 months in prison for bribery of affected in the Pharaonic Holyland real estate project in Jerusalem when he was mayor between 1993 and 2003. At that penalty was added last week one month in prison for barriers to justice.

This last sentence punishes attempts Olmert to convince his former secretary and wife trust Shula Zacken not to testify against him. The latter had recorded surreptitiously trying to offer him money against his silence in the case of Holyland and in a second corruption case.

In addition, Olmert was convicted in May 2015 to eight months for farm perceived and concealed tens of thousands of dollars from American businessman Morris Talansky when he was Minister of Trade and Industry (from 2003). This case is yet to be reviewed on appeal by the Supreme Court which did not specify the date of the decision.

Maasiyahu prison, named guardian of the Jewish Temple according to biblical tradition, has an area reserved for personalities.

Aryeh Deri, the current Minister of the Interior, there was a stay of 22 months after being convicted in 2000 of corruption when it held the 1988 portfolio 1993. the head of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, returned to the Interior Ministry in January, replacing Silvan Shalom, who resigned after sexual harassment charges.

another cacique Shas, the ex-Minister of Health Shlomo Benizri, also spent six months Maasiyahu for corruption and obstruction of justice

-. at the end of a brilliant career –

the authority Israeli prison said that Olmert, a former Likud member, right-wing party of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will be incarcerated in the No. 10 wing of the prison, a special section of 18 seats “reserved to home prisoners who, for various reasons, can not be placed among the general prison population. “

This area has six cells, each containing three beds, a shower and toilet, a cupboard, a table , chairs and a television. Telephones are installed in corridors, while the wing has a rest room, an exercise yard, classrooms, a synagogue, a library and a refectory.

This incarceration ends the brilliant political career Olmert which peaked in 2006, when he was succeeded as head of government with Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke.

because of his indictment in the case “Holyland,” Olmert had to give up running for Kadima primaries, a party that had founded after Ariel Sharon split the Likud. His departure had opened the accession to power of Mr. Netanyahu, the Likud leader, who heads Israel since 2009.

Many times Minister Olmert door for many Israelis responsibility for failures of war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in July-August 2006.

It is also the last Prime Minister to have invested so much in the negotiations, intensive but unsuccessful, attempt to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . Supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, he was ready for an Israeli withdrawal from most of the occupied West Bank.

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