EELVR made the point on the folders of the new school year


Ecology. For his autumn conference yesterday, Europe Ecology the Greens Meeting has made the point on a few topics that have marked the department in the beginning of the year. First, he welcomed the position of the regional council of wish to offer in his future plan to “waste” the removal of a proposed incinerator, and the establishment of a goal of zero waste by 2030. “Even if we are generally opposed to the ideas of Didier Robert, we must recognize that we have been pleasantly surprised by these decisions”, says Jean-Pierre Marchau, which reminds us in passing that the current projects carried out by inter-municipal associations will be compatible with this regional plan of waste, when it will be released in the end of the year, to stay in the legality. The regional secretary EELVR said he also satisfied the desire of the regional council to increase taxes on fuel to make converge the diesel into the unleaded, in order to penalize the polluting vehicles, but regrets the lobbying of carriers, which allows them to recover 11,33 euro cents/litre. He is also a member of EELVR, Danon Odayen is returned to the tropical storm Berguitta which has highlighted many flaws in the development of the territory. After having recalled the existence of a plan pluri-annual containment gullies, created after the passage of Hyacinthe in the 80s to urbanize the places where the flood risk is greatest, she calls for greater responsibility on the part of elected officials to move to a model of modernization mastered sustainable.

The EELVR explains his absence from the Hermitage

Melissa’s Cousin, elected in opposition to Saint-Paul, for his part, explained the absence of EELVR to the mobilization that occurred last weekend to say no to the privatisation of beaches in the west. If the ecologist recognizes “a good initiative” on the bottom, she regretted that the movement focuses on a few of the huts of the Hermitage, while the phenomenon is also found in other regions of the island, such as Saint-Pierre or Saint-Benoît, and condemns on the other hand misbehaviour aggressive against the present clients. The meeting EELVR ended with a point about the consequences of the decree of the council of state annulling the provision of the Code of the environment on the NRL. “Make sure that the one that validates that a project is not the same as the one that the door makes good sense, judge Jean-Pierre Marchau. But now there is a need to re-new procedures for the careers of Bellevue, White Wood and Palmettos. It is this that retards the progress of the work and not with appeals filed by opponents of Didier Robert, as has been said”. It provides : the president of the Region is mistaken in announcing the opening of careers to 2019. “There will not be any quarry operation before 2020,” he said. And therefore, no delivery of construction before 2022-2023″.

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