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Economy. The best way to manufacture and sell drugs

Now that many countries around the world have legalized cannabis and others preparing them (including Canada, Uruguay and Africa South), governments must think about how to capture this new market, proclaims the Economist .

the British weekly, which has long advocated the legalization of cannabis, advanced all the questions the “bureaucrats” will have to answer: “ How taxing, which varieties allow, which entrust the sale and that sale

If many consumers use cannabis as an attachment, the legal market should offer other forms of consumption: cooked in cakes, beverage, in concentrated form, etc. The decisions of each country in this field and management of this new market will determine, ultimately, “ success or failure of legalization ” warns the weekly.


Large institution of the British press, title, founded in 1843 by a hatter Scottish, is the bible for all those interested in international news. Openly liberal, it is located in <"extreme center". Printed in six countries, [...] Read more

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