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Draoui trial: call to life for the murder “wild” and “free” of a young jogger

Anthony Draoui was sentenced to life imprisonment with a penalty of 22 years of security by the Gard Assize Court for the murder of a jogger 17 years in 2011. Anthony was sentenced to the Draoui life with a penalty of 22 years of security by the Gard Assize court for the murder of a jogger 17 in 2011. PHOTO / AFP Pascal Guyot

Anthony Draoui was sentenced in night from Wednesday to Thursday appealed to life imprisonment with a penalty of 22 years of security by the Gard Assize court for the murder of a jogger 17 years in 2011.

The sentence is accompanied by a socio-judicial follow-up action for 30 years. At trial, Mr. Draoui, aged 23, was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment carry a minimum sentence of two thirds by the Assize Court of the Ardèche, on 3 October 2014. The Court Assize Gard followed Thursday requisitions Advocate General Francois Raffin who asked that recidivism is retained, which was not the case at first instance, and that the accused be sentenced to imprisonment for perpetuity. Anthony Draoui has five days to appeal on points of law.

In his submissions, Francois Raffin, who was prosecutor in Ardèche at the time, asked that the sentence “more never again “ is applied to Anthony Draoui for the murder ” wild “ and ” free “ Marie-Jeanne Meyer in 2011 in Tournon-sur-Rhône ( Ardèche). Evoking an offender “dangerous for society” and having in his “no integration potential” , Mr. Raffin called on the court to consider a “recidivism” , referring to convictions to prison sentences when the accused was a teenager.

for the defense, Alain Riou had strongly protested against this “change the rules of the game” on appeal. In argument, Mr. Riou wished “a just and humane punishment” . The violent drift became a murderer abused child is “especially bankruptcy of the company you represent” , he launched the Advocate General address. “The boy has not only been deprived of dessert, he was deprived of all, he has had only blows … It does not excuse but it explains how he got there.”

“This is an indictment that does not allow me to change, which will not only lock me in a cell but in a monster costume” said Anthony Draoui, addressing one last time to the court before it retires to deliberate. “I need help, which is not banish me.”

In his indictment, the Advocate General highlighted the “savagery” the murder and “ the determination to complete, destroy and eliminate Marie-Jeanne” , which only the trunk and burned face had been found at the bottom of a pit three days after his disappearance June 18, 2011.

  • growing aggressiveness

“We are no longer in front of a simple murder but a massacre “, he launched while the accused has always denied any dismemberment of the victim. The appeals trial had previously highlighted the increasing drift of an abused child to extreme violence. The young defendant grew up in a context of violence and abandonment, marked by a mother who became a drug addict, alcoholic and prostitute after suffering incest. Tossed homes with host families, Anthony Draoui leave school at 13 without, he says, “learned nothing, no value, no job” . Insisting that the father of the victim was also a “child Ddass, tossed from foster care homes” , Me David Metaxas, Civil Party, insisted at its argument: “He has killed anyone yet”

experts describe a “increasingly aggressive” the young man in adolescence.. In full ambivalence he can not bear to be separated from his mother, while saying “store” the “hatred” against it.

fire of a nursery school in 2006, robberies of elderly women with disabilities, and shortly before the murder of Marie-Jeanne Meyer June 18, 2011 in Tournon-sur-Rhone, attempted strangulation of his mother in March 2011. in May 2011, he kisses force a passenger in a train. In late May, he is in the street, leaving a devastated apartment and taking refuge in the mountains in Tournon, where he will kill Mary Jane.

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