Doping scandal in Russian swimming

London. After athletics, the Russian swimming is shaken according to a report of the newspaper “The Times” of a gigantic doping scandal.

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A “disgrace” restores the reputable British Journal of his long article, which was based on extensive research. There was evidence of an “organized drug culture” in Russian swimming in the past ten years.

The world swimming federation FINA called the newspaper to provide new insights to enable proceedings could immediately be initiated if necessary. The Association had indeed not aware of systematic doping in Russian swimming, leads in light of recent findings especially many checks.

The World Anti-Doping Agency was concerned. Confidence in a clean sport was already in a dangerous condition. WADA President Craig Reedie announced a decision on the way of the investigation as soon as the information and evidence was collected.

The “Times” revealed among other fraud by a fallen already disgraced physician, with illegal drug laboratories and covering up doping tests. So to Sergei Portugalov, Chief Medical Officer of the suspended for four months Russian athletes also the floats administered performance-enhancing drugs.

He was not aware of the content of the search, said the vice president of the Russian Swimming Federation, Viktor Awdinenko, on Wednesday the agency Tass. “The Swimming Federation it does not threaten, because we do not cooperate with the doctor Sergei Portugalov” he said. In the Soviet Union this was indeed been part of the bar, but I have never worked in the national team.

The former chief doctor of the suspended Russian athletes will have the “Times” article, according to also floats administered contrast performance-enhancing drugs. Portugalov have indeed pledged by an e-mail request to the newspaper answers then but no longer reported. The Anti-Doping Commission of the Russian Sports Ministry announced a response “by the weekend” to.

A witness testified that there had been at a competition in Moscow at the pool a “pharmacy” to the athletes directly with ‘pills and medicine “to provide. Two swimmers who tested positive for the blood doping agent EPO, were never punished. According to “Times” witnesses were intimidated. You were reprisals threatened, if they go with their knowledge of doping to the public


With more than 40 positive tests to Russia over the past decade the country with the most doping offenders have been in swimming, the newspaper writes. Recently the case of world champion Julija Jefimowa had caused a stir. The prominent athlete is taking the banned drug heart Meldonium accused standing on the doping list of World Anti-Doping Agency WADA since 1 January. Jefimowa rejected it immediately. They wanted to provide proof of their innocence.

WADA President Craig Reedie concluded investigations not. “If these allegations are correct, they go certainly WADA something – and we will examine it closely,” Reedie the “Times” said


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