Delsey placing on the digital to lead its expansion in Asia

Delsey bets on digital to accelerate its international growth. The French luggage brand, owned since 2007 by the independent investment fund “private equity” Argan alongside Partners Group, already generates 20% of its sales on the Web. And that, only three years after having started this adventure.

The company, which claims third place worldwide in the sector, behind Samsonite and Rimowa, chose s ‘alliance with the giants of online business like Amazon, Taobao or Tmall in China. A channel very strong growth, according to Guenther Trieb, CEO of Delsey. “ On November 11, during the Singles Day Taobao site, we realized $ 2.5 million in sales in one day ! “Says the manager.

Strongly imbued with the” style “French, his bags are also an online card in the United States. “ We have just crossed the million dollars in one day, with Amazon in the US , takes the latter. In the country between 18% to 20% of our sales are made via e-commerce . ” This allowed him to cope with the attendance drop at department stores, due to the rising dollar and the decline in tourists. Resale to distributors remains its main distribution channel (60%).

The priority of Delsey, who turns seventy years old this year, is now Asia . The area weighs 30% of its business, on par with Europe and the USA for a total turnover of 230 million euros in 2015 (+ 13%), twice in four years. Net income of the company (undisclosed) progresses, he of 19%. Delsey is particularly South Asia, with countries such as Thailand or the Philippines; again, it is through the digital with the local giant, the site Lazada, bought in April by China’s Alibaba, the small French brand wants to break.

With the items sold average around 150 euros. “ His sites allow us to reach a broad customer who does not necessarily know our brand, notes Guenther Trieb. If our margin is reduced, however, this limits the marketing expenditures and is therefore profitable. “In these new countries, the brand also opened stores to make themselves known. She has 74 in Asia. So far in France, where its reputation is strong, Delsey will invest in an online site operational in October.

suitcase connected to Christmas

in addition to this international expansion push for three years, Delsey continues to bet on innovation that marked its history. We owe him the first suitcase on wheels in 1972, or the first brake it two years ago. The claw will launch in France a connected suitcase before Christmas, sold about 600 euros. Delsey Samsonite beat the giant, who works on the subject with Google. Fingerprint recognition for opening, geolocation … society expects much of its Smart model. “ We are not a big company, but often the first to adapt to changes in the way of traveling ,” the boss.

If the R & amp; D and design are located in Paris, the production is entirely made in China. Desley is working with a dozen providers, she wants to halve, to improve quality control and reduce costs.

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