Deduction of tax at source: employers fear the reactions of employees

“Everyone knows that the French sport is the tax shelter. “Benoît Serre, vice president of the National Association of Human Resources Managers (ANDRH), did not mince his words on Thursday to outline the concerns of employers about the withholding, to be effective from 1 January 2018.

too many special cases

He has pointed HRD fears of facing many claims. “They may hear quite often from employees’ Why me you apply this rate, I have to redo my windows?” “ Not to mention, has he insisted, family situations moving between divorce, marriage, birth …

According to the Association, the HRD fear, eventually become, in tax matters, the privileged interlocutors of their employees to the tax authorities. “It is easier to call his DRH the taxman,” hammered Benoit Serre. “We are moving towards a kind of transfer to the Company of the State’s responsibility,” he warned.

A negative perception net earnings

He added that, without even going into the complexity of individual cases, the only impact of the withholding tax on the payslip may generate negative repercussions within the company. “The perception on the net salary will be terrible,” assured Benedict Serre. To him, seeing his pay packet reduced by a certain percentage does not generate the same effect as to fulfill its taxes in a second time.

Human Resource Managers working in ETI and SMEs are particularly worried. “For them, between the labor law, the hardship, the withholding tax, the complexity is monumental. “

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