cosmetics detox regenerate the skin after the summer

With the end of summer comes the return to routine care and when those areas hardest hit our skin that have been seen as a result of increased exposure to external factors, like the sun. Therefore, it is important to regain elasticity, hydration and cleaning our skin had before the summer period. Detox treatments properties, as BIOXÁN Neo, can serve to enhance the elimination of toxins and restore skin hydration

After the summer are many conditions that can suffer our skin, mainly due to high exposure to solar radiation, which may mean that it loses its hydration and drying, which reduces their brightness, the smearing occurs … in short, our skin look saturated with toxins.

that is why so arise detox treatments, to the need for our skin release toxins; , which are in the deeper layers and that, otherwise, would be more complicated release. In addition, these treatments also act as a mechanism to cleanse and moisturize our skin, contributing to a better state of health of it and preventing future situations of this kind.

Such treatments detox can be used both by men and women. While it is true that women’s skin is thinner and apparently weaker, the skin of men, by its constitution, is more prone to a higher degree of sweating and generation of fat, associated more moisture loss skin to the lifestyle of each person to their gender.

that said, and although the skin of men more “thick”, this does not mean that it is stronger. For this reason, the use of detox treatments is recommended for both genders, so that they release harmful toxins contained in your skin.

After the largest exposures to circumstances potentially harmful, such as an excess in time of sun exposure, it is important to keep our skin hydrated and free of toxins skin to avoid conditions that affect the health of it. Therefore, the use of detoxifying treatments or detox, such as Body Regenerating Cream Intensive BIOXÁN Neo, made from all-natural components, can greatly help restore and maintain the health of our skin, “says the expert team personnel biotechnology of BIOXÁN.

in short, the sun, along with stress or lack of sleep, among others, contribute to saturate the cells and thereby generate toxins. Therefore, components such as Vitamin E, prebiotics, Omega-3 and Vitamin C, among others, can be great allies to promote the release of toxins, helping further improve hydration and regeneration of those areas our skin that had been damaged.

BIOXÁN is a Spanish company whose mission is research, innovation and product development personnel to biotechnology cosmetics, from all natural components, both sustainable product development skin as environmentally own, making their treatments in one of the most effective for skin care options.

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