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Correa (ANSL) : “The reaction of a coach in anger, “hot

Correa (ANSL) : “The reaction of a coach in anger, hot “

on the day of the incredible defeat against Lorient at Picot (2-3), we had already had a very precise idea of the rant pushed him into the locker room nancéien at Marcel-Picot agreement by the coach, Pablo Correa, and even by president Jacques Rousselot : “I told them that this was a bunch of idiots, that it was really necessary that they move the ass.” To J + 1 in the program of the same name of Canal + on Sunday evening, it was then discovered a few images shock of the moment of extreme tension lived on Saturday night in the privacy of the locker room of the ANSL. We see Pablo Correa to express her rage, the game barely finished, only in the company of president Jacques Rousselot and general manager Paul Fischer. A scene in which the coach insists his team has not the level of the L1 while speaking of a “guardian in the woods” about Chernik on the second goal, cashed while the goal Belorussian, actually guilty on the corner of 2-2, is often shown to his advantage since his enthronement as the holder in the cage at the thistle. This deserves some explanation and clarification. Exclusive ” Is a Republican “, Pablo Correa has agreed to come back on this episode. And a lot of other things that are very instructive for the result.

What inspires you the buzz triggered by the reporting of the emission J + 1 ?

For me, this is overkill. It is important to understand the context of this scene, which is obviously a lot to talk about. It is the reaction of a coach in anger, to be hot, in returning to the dressing room after conceding goals gags in the 87th and 94th which we were deprived of a very important win.

” I wouldn’t have had to let in locker room “

Did you know that the cameras of Channel were filming ?

I had given my permission prior to the match in the framework of the story turned to J + 1 but, when I went directly to the dressing room after the third goal lorient, I did not have this in mind, I was so pissed… This will serve me as a lesson. This is not the fault of the Channel who has simply done his job, it is mine. I should not have let them enter the locker room. I made it because the request came from a youthful past by our training center there is not so long ago (Paul Tchoukriel).

do you Regret the expression “guardian in the woods” used with regard to Chernik ?

from the moment that the expression is out of context, of course. Hot, in reviewing the goals against, I would have been able to speak of a “players” wood ” to several other players. Sergey would have had to come out on this corner for the second goal, but there are also Cabaco who is at fault on the marking, for example. I said after in front of the media but with different words because this was no longer the subject of extreme anger.

Chernik will keep its place holder for the next meeting you at Guingamp ?

This game is in two weeks almost. I will conduct a thought for the guardian, as well as for all other positions.

” Not a concern if it is necessary to finish with a narrow group “

Have you any regrets over your past team compositions or in relation to your coaching ?

of course. I have often been the default choice to do, but this is not an excuse. I, too, am at fault. The absent are always right the days of defeat, even if it may need to be put into perspective when we see the results of the reserve to Sarreguemines Saturday, with a lot of pros (backhand 3-0 with n’guessan, Robic, Kura, Mandanne)…

Among the critics agreed Saturday to Picot, in particular, there is the entry disappointing Karim Coulibaly or even the entire match fought over by Youssouf Hadji as he gave evident signs of fatigue…

To compensate for the injury of Maouassa, I launched Coulibaly, who is another left-handed knowing that Busi was going to replace the Slide a few minutes later. For Hadji, the problem is that I had already made two changes and that I wanted to keep a third in case of injury. This is also what happened with the release of Cuffaut at 2-1 to us…

You resume the training on Tuesday. What will you say to your players ?

We will fix a line of conduct states until the end of the season and those who do not want to stick to move out of themselves. This is not a concern if it is necessary to finish with a narrow group. I I will say it again the same thing when all the internationals will be back for the selection.

” The fight, that I was never scared “

How to ensure that players adhere to so that you and the president came to question their level and their behavior ?

It is in the moments where we see the strongest. It is necessary to have the humility to recognize that one has the level of the L2 in that time, including me. It is not a footballer in L1 because we had played a dozen matches at this level, no more than one can claim to be a true professional footballer, having played 72 minutes in the pros in his entire career (sic). A lot of players had understood it a few years back during my first pass on the bench. It is this that has allowed us to progress.

Just after the match against Lorient, you have also proposed to Jacques Rousselot of from if it was the best solution for the club. Was this a case of ‘com’ ? Or resignation ?

Nothing of all this. Those who know me, including the president, know that I always do to pass the interest of the club first. My communication, this is the last of my worries, given the current situation of the ANSL. I simply said it to the president so that he does not feel obligated to anything with me given our relationship. Personally, I am not at all resigned. I know that one is in great difficulties but I also remain convinced that we can still get out of it. It is engaged in a mini-league of 4 teams with Dijon, Bastia and Lorient, or even 5 depending on the result of Lorient-Caen the next day. It is necessary to avoid the one of the last two spaces of this mini-league for at least hang the dams. The fight will be hard but the fight, that I was never actually afraid. To me to find players capable of fulfilling this mission in the last eight matches.

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