Cope candidate, Raffarin to Juppe … A hellish weekend for Sarkozy

The National Council of Republicans party, parliament, held this weekend Porte de Versailles in Paris. The High Mass brought together some 2,000 national advisers, including the new presidents of federations elected for the first time by militants January 30

The goal. “Discuss everything freely, think about great values ​​”Republicans, but mostly define” a political strategy, “according to the confidences of the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy on the eve of the weekend. Balance sheet, Sunday night: Republicans appear divided and still auss Nicolas Sarkozy had to pass a bad weekend … “L’Observateur” looks back at the key moments of the two-day

Luc. Chatel became president of the National Council

the former minister Luc Chatel, competing with Michèle Alliot-Marie, was elected Saturday chairman of the National Council of the party. He succeeds Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who did not wish to represent.

This victory, however, is subdued, since Luc Chatel, supported notably by Nicolas Sarkozy, totaled only 55.3% of the votes (532 votes out of 962 cast, against 430 votes for Michèle Alliot-Marie, 18 blank and spoiled).

“I am delighted that there are two candidates,” had said the party president Saturday morning, before giving the floor to the two candidates.

Luc Chatel, former Minister of Education, stressed “networking” and promised that he would install, “on Monday” if elected, an office of 40 people that respects “parity”. Michele Alliot-Marie had promised that the National Council under his presidency would meet “twice a year” and would have “decentralized sessions” to “show that we listen” activists.

“MAM a good image among activists. If elected, this would be a big setback for Sarkozy “had held the weekend a former minister LR. It has not gone away

Wauquiez – Raffarin. A party, two visions

Laurent Wauquiez and Jean-Pierre Raffarin that have succeeded at the podium on Saturday afternoon. But they do not exactly have defended the same line …

“This is for foreigners to adapt to France”

First, Laurent Wauquiez, the number two party Republicans delivered a strong speech, even “populist” for some, claiming in particular that it was “not up to France to adapt to foreigners, but foreigners to adapt to France “.

” Let’s stop trying to please the polls and the media. It is not only the conquest of power but of something deeper. (…) There is a hazard cultural and political disintegration “in France.

this is not to France to adapt to foreigners is the foreigners to adapt to France.”

“the right not to be a pale copy of the left, deficits and less” should be “policies that have a backbone,” “we’re right, we do not have to excuse us “.

I accuse the Socialists of betraying the values ​​of the Republic. (…) The only one we want to see from it is Francois Hollande. “

A speech that earned him a standing ovation national councilors present …

“! the policy can be great “

But Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former president of the National Council, has clearly not tasted this speech. arriving on the podium, he hailed the election of his successor, calling to rally the troops around him, ironically in passing on the “fiery speeches but are sometimes a little clivants” … the person concerned will understand the reference.

No? Okay, Jean-Pierre Raffarin deliver one layer, proposing to appoint “Wauquiez Minister of brotherhood”

I must say that the tone of the former Prime Minister’s speech is not the same. “the policy can be great provided that we are able to hoist up to France, “he dare.

Raffarin chose Juppe …

But Jean-Pierre Raffarin has reserved its best surprise for Sunday night: the senator from Vienna has formalized its support for the primary to … Alain Juppe! In an interview to be published Monday in “La Nouvelle République du Centre-Ouest” and “Press-center”, former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac said: “I am strongly committed and actively with Alain Juppé,” “a strong personality , reliable and faithful. “

F ort” of his experience, his character, his personal power “,” reliable because it is a man of his word, a righteous man, a man who respects what he says, “” loyal to the republican and European values, temperance and balance. ” Alain Juppe “has the will, it is beyond the punch” and “not shaken”, further said Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

This time it ‘ Nicolas Sarkozy is appreciated. Alain Juppé, he scores:

the survey falling ill.: the best was yet Juppe

Present the National Council, Alain Juppé chose not to speak at the podium (as François Fillon and Bruno Mayor). Former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac did not need: Saturday night, a survey has come to remind everyone that he was the favorite of the primary, facing a Nicolas Sarkozy who still do not take off …

on the question of what personality they “preferred” view represent the party Republicans in 2017, 47% of respondents and replied Alain Juppe, far ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy, tied with Francois Fillon (11%). Bruno Le Maire is 10%, one point ahead of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (9%).

According to the BVA poll for Orange and iTV, Alain Juppe also tops among supporters of right, even if the difference is a little less: 48% against 20%, followed by Bruno Le Maire (11%). Even among supporters LR in the strict sense, the mayor of Bordeaux totaled 43% against 30% for Nicolas Sarkozy, and 9% for François Fillon

Authority of the State, national identity. Project 2017 of Sarkozy

the former president closed the National Council of Republicans by proposing, in the absence of his rivals, a “text” of guidelines, to be transformed into “collective project” of party for 2017, following amendments and approval by a vote of all members of the movement. This text ensures Nicolas Sarkozy the “committed and committed leadership” of the party

Problem:. Other candidates for the primary right (François Fillon, Alain Juppe, Bruno Le Maire and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet) have already warned (even before knowing the content) they do not feel bound to the text. That “the collective project of the Republicans” once again become the only candidate Sarkozy project … Whatever.

“The French expect clarity, beyond the postures, calculations, ulterior motives. this applies to the deprivation of nationality as for so many other important issues for our country, “nevertheless defended the party president.

by way of” guidelines “, Nicolas Sarkozy reiterated proposals that he already had the opportunity to present in the past or in the book he has just published “France for life”: “the Republicans want to protect and ensure the unity of the nation and the indivisibility of the Republic “,” affirm their commitment to the state’s authority “,” believe that the company and the work must be at the center of economic policy. ” “Innovation and digital must be for our country a top priority,” he added.

“The Republicans believe in the universal message of France, its role on the international stage” they “wish that France continues to be true to his opening history and hospitality of all who are oppressed for their opinions, but they require that it be done with respect for national identity.”

Other credo: “solidarity and sharing”, “a school of the Republic based on excellence”, “an ambitious family policy” or the referendum, whenever a blocking may paralyze French society.

the application Cope

the National Council ended this afternoon. Epilogue, Nicolas Sarkozy was the guest of 20 hours of TF1 to provide after-sales service. Despite the insistence of Anne-Claire Coudray, the chairman of the Republicans refused to declare an official candidate for the primary and merely repeating the same punchlines that when he was at the podium:

We have made a decision: to say everything before the election to do anything after. The failure of the five year term of Francois Hollande was part of the lies of his election campaign. The same causes produce the same effects “

But surprise is France 2 who won an interview with a (new) candidate for the primary from the right.. Jean-Francois Cope L former president of the UMP, who just released a book, but especially to escape an examination set in Bygmalion case, assures: “I think I’m ready. I find it very hypocritical unnecessarily delay [my ad] . “

His candidacy is not at all a contrast, he says again: “. This is in no way a candidate against Nicolas Sarkozy”

the only sarkozystes not really share his opinion: “Frankly, do it when Nicolas talk about the project, this is provocation”, was indignant earlier Eric Woerth

Renaud in February.

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