Contest Vote for your most beautiful market : you have until'Friday to decide between Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul


Which between the market of Saint Paul, and the market of Saint-Pierre deserves to represent The Meeting in the contest of the most beautiful market of France on TF1 ? Designated finalists, with the outcome of a vote, they oppose for the last time on our Internet site Clicanoo.

For the moment, it is Saint-Pierre that tip in mind. But St. Paul has not said its last word and may very well make up his handicap. All that you have until Friday 17 hours to make your choice.


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When the competition was launched last month, eight markets were in the running : the one of Saint-Joseph, du Port, Saint-Leu, the Cauldron, Saint-Denis, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Paul and Saint-Pierre. At the end of the first online vote, organised for a week on our Internet site Clicanoo, these last two markets have been chosen for the ultimate face-to-face, after having, respectively, harvested 2 177 1 784 votes.

The meter has been reset to zero, viewers are invited to decide on Clicanoo. So, which of these two sites deserves to participate in the contest of the most beautiful market of France, organised in the coming months in the journal of 13 hours of TF1 ? The market of Saint-Pierre, famous for being “the most friendly and the most user-friendly” ? Or that of St. Paul, whose reputation is more to do beyond our territory ? Because we have to keep in mind that the winning market will be in competition with 27 other markets, representing as many French regions.

If our two finalists have the assets that you want to put the Meeting in the air, it is up to you to designate one who, according to your criteria, can carry us to victory. According to Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who is at the origin of the project, all the markets in the running for the national contest “will be put on an equal footing” and “will receive the same air time, when they will be presented to the viewers in the JT from mid-day.

The pessimists who think that a market of the Meeting has little chance of standing out in the middle of other major national markets, the TF1 journalist recalls the exoticism of our department has, on the contrary, all the chances of pleasing the public in metropolitan france. “The sun, the warm colors and the passion of the people for their business” could be, according to him, true assets to put forward.

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