Company will perfect location at the Schmalzgrube

The Max Klein GmbH has come from Remscheid beginning, 2015. The company specializes on upset forging.

In the industrial area Schmalzgrube has early 2015 in the halls of the former drop forge P. and W. Schmidt added a new owner to operate : the Max Klein GmbH. Without delivery stop the company had meticulously planned move from Remscheid to Solingen managed: together with the park of more than 50 large-scale machines. The main ones are five hot forging presses with compressive forces 160-800 tons and twelve hydraulic and eccentric with up to 100 tons of pressure.

metal bars obtained under great pressure a” head “

a half years later pulls Karl Rathmayr (67) as managing partner on demand of the ST to a positive conclusion:” The new location is perfect for us. Arrival and sailings are much easier, the costs of producing. In Remscheid we sat in a depression, is now on a level surface a lot of space in front of the hall, so there more trucks can be dispatched at the same time. “The company with about 50 employees specializes on upset forging. Here get red-hot metal rods with tens of tons of pressure a “head” and so, for example, to wheel nut keys. In 30 variants with head sizes 19-41 millimeters and a length of 25 to 75 centimeters, they account for half of the production. Added to Achsmutternschlüssel with up to 125 millimeters large heads

After moving to the city of blades new products have been added to the program:. Guide pins for cable chairlifts, truck drive shafts and guide flanges for mechanical engineering. To make the production fully automated and streamlined, two new, computer-controlled machines for Radschlüsselfertigung were bought.

As regards the current business situation, run by Rath Mayrs details of truck sector “very good”, the machine “significantly weaker”. The latter has been estimated by the bosses to do with the Russia embargo. “Middle East”, another important market, suffer from the low price of crude oil, which have the demand for tools let fall. w.p.g.

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