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CJ Teleorman contradicts Dragnea: “they can’t fish on the Island Belina without the consent of the TelDrum”. TelDrum: didn’t we put at your disposal pond Belina


two weeks ago, PACT has announced that it wishes to organize on the island Belina contest “Catch the big fish”, as a result of the claims made by the chairman of the PSD Liviu Dragnea, that the lake passed from the Government to CJ Teleorman, and then to Tel the Way, is not private property. “There fish many people”, said Liviu Dragnea, on Antena 3.

Asked if he could fish everyone on the lake Belina, PSD leader said: “Cartegoric, yes. You go and fish. It’s very simple. As on the Danube“.

the PACT was addressed to the County Council Teleorman to get an answer on the possibility to organize the contest on the Island of Belina. The official position of the County Council Teleorman (see Annex 1) contradicts Liviu Dragnea

“the Surface of the water in the central area of the island Belina was rented from the Tel Way. For the settlement of your claim, you can contact the company who rented it,“ replied CJ Teleroman at the request of the PACT.

Subsequently, the PACT has addressed the company’s SC TEL DRUM SA, which submitted that it can provide the pond Belina for the contest of sport fishing (see annex 2), whereas the rent only 10 places per day, five of them are already reserved.

Annex 1

Annex 2

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