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Charente: he felt forced by an unknown to sell drugs, one year in prison

L are judges of the criminal court had to judge a particular warned yesterday in immediate appearance. Tuesday, this Angoumoisin 35 years had called the police station to denounce himself, he said he was forced to sell drugs and would stop its activity

Although surprised by this confession, the police immediately searched his home, finding 246 grams of heroin. Nicolas Frisian sits down to eat: it a year ago, a stranger would have approached in the lobby of his building by giving him a packet of drugs he had absolutely protect until his return. “The downward spiral then began, the accused confesses. The man came back, but he did not want me to make him heroin. I had the payroll. “From” nurse “, the recipient of the RSA and former addict into the role of the dealer, with deliveries of 500 grams that will hide in cat litter or in the furniture. “If I did not sell, he threatened me saying in death ” I’ll put a bullet in the knee. You’ll end up in the cellar. ” I could not remove myself from his grip. “

The court seems sensitive to the history of thirty years. This explains falling into drugs at 14, but expressed his desire to leave this relapse: he made a course of rehab there seven years and intends, by his admission, turn the page. “I want to start a new life elsewhere in Charente” swear father, caring image that refers to his teenage daughter.

A dismantled network

version does not fail to wince the court: “How could this stranger know you were an addict and present home? “Asks the President Catherine Tessaud. “He must have seen me go get my methadone treatment,” timidly replied the defendant

The Crown was much more skeptical. “We have imposed on you a 18 euros purchase price per gram says the Attorney Marion Vauquelin. But you choose to sell between 25 and 30 euros to finance personal consumption. You were very open to anyone threatened with death … “

20 000 euros in a year

The” dealer despite him “is called” stupidity and unconsciousness. ” Implacable, the prosecutor points out that in one year 20 000 euros and 1 kilo of heroin transited his hands. “A large-scale trafficking in which he found his account,” she adds. Marion Vauquelin also believes that the wave of arrests that took place on Sunday with suspected heroin traffickers have favored this sudden confession …

The accused will remain in prison he gets a year farm and twelve months suspended, charged with a duty of care and working conditions.

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