Ceasefire in Yemen from April 10 before resuming negotiations

United Nations (USA) – The UN mediator in Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed on Wednesday announced a cease-fire throughout the country for 10 April and the resumption of peace talks on April 18 in Kuwait.

the parties to the conflict agreed to a cessation of hostilities throughout the country from 10 April to midnight before the new session of peace talks to be held April 18 in Kuwait , “he told reporters in New York.

He said that after extensive consultations – including the capital Sanaa, held by the Houthi Shiite rebels and Riyadh – he had received assurances that “ all the parts ( Yemeni) participate “these discussions should take place” face to face . ”

He hoped that the cessation of hostilities allows a “ safe humanitarian access, rapid and unimpeded ” to the millions of Yemeni civilians in need.

It will too, he said, “ increase in the coming weeks the flow of commercial goods ” that reach the ports of Yemen, despite a Saudi naval blockade .

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed did not say whether the blockade would be lifted completely, simply stating that the cargo inspection system set up by the UN, to ensure that vessels are not carrying weapons, remain in place. Yemen imports most of its supplies and fuel.

The aim of the negotiations “ is to reach an agreement to end the conflict and allow the resumption of an inclusive political dialogue, in accordance with the UN resolutions including resolution 2216 , “he said.

Resolution 2216 stipulates that the Houthi rebels must withdraw from the territories they took control.

The other two “ columns ” negotiations, he added, will be “ the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council and national dialogue “Yemeni.

Yemen is at war since the intervention in March 2015 an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in support of the government of Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi against Houthi rebels.

The last round of talks between the Yemeni government and the rebels, who are supported by Iran, took place from 15 to 20 December 2015 in Switzerland under the aegis of the UN.

The war in Yemen has claimed nearly 6,300 dead, half of them civilians, according to the UN. Houthi rebels still control large territories and Sanaa in the north.

The absence of the state in many parts of Yemen, said the mediator, also allowed the expansion of terrorist groups that represent a long-term threat to the country and area “, a reference to al Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

The Yemenis face “ an unspeakable tragedy “, where civilians especially are subjected to “ an extremely high level of suffering “, has lamented Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

He said that “ inter-Yemeni talks would focus on five issues: withdrawal of militias and armed groups, return to the state of heavy weapons, interim security arrangements, restoration State institutions and resumption of inclusive political dialogue, establishing a special committee on prisoners and detainees . ”

committees will be formed to discuss separately the five points and the mediator asked the players to submit proposals on each of them by April 3.

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