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Storms: about 15,000 homes without power in the Southwest

Some 15,000 homes were still without power Sunday morning, including 3,000 in the Landes and 3,000 in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, after the storm that raged in the south-west in the night of Saturday, said a holder word ERDF AFP. the North of Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charente region and part of the Languedoc-Roussillon / Midi-Pyrénées […]

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winds: thousands of homes without power in the Southwest

A in the orange vigilance high winds and flooding have been lifted in the West on Sunday morning, electrical networks it, licking its wounds after gusts the night wind. Point. In the Pyrenees-Atlantiques This Sunday morning, after the shot wind that night, the situation is being improved by Philippe […]

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Emmanuelle Career

Bernadette Chirac “It’s [book Nicolas Sarkozy] I’m not going to say almost a bible, but I need to refer to it. “ (RTL, 12.2.2015) Cécile Duflot “the executive first tries to buy parliamentarians. Then he threatens those who resist and those who continue dirty. “ (RTL, 02.07.2016) Carla Bruni “I […]

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The festive program traders and craftsmen

J Eudi, the Association of duraquois traders and craftsmen (Dacor) met in the reception room of the Town Hall, chaired by Rosalind Monk, with the Mayor Bernadette Dreux, representatives of the castle and tourist information. the President recalled the events of 2015, the high point being the Christmas market […]

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Ranking think tanks: the France out of the shadows

“France, Colbertist country is allergic to think tanks”. With globalization, the 2.0 revolution and the end of the Cold War, this statement-probably valid yesterday-is about to expire rapidly. That at least is what emerges from the latest “Global Go-To Think Tanks Index 2015” published by the University of Pennsylvania. This […]

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