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Virtual reality wants to democratize

This is a round of applause that greeted Clay Bavor on stage last Wednesday in Hollywood (California) for the first edition of the Summit on virtual reality dedicated to developers. This 32 year old computer scientist, who has spent his entire career at Google, has been appointed vice president in […]

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296.8 / MILLION

The amount of funds raised via the platforms of “crowdfunding” in France in 2015, according to the firm CompinnoV. It was EUR 152 million in 2014.

Apple Music strengthens ties with Dr. Dre, Kanye West away

Wars content will take place. Late last week, the “Hollywood Reporter” believed that Apple was going to co-produce a first television series with rapper Dr. Dre, who will also play in this program. Calling itself “Vital Signs” ( “Vital Signs”), this six-part series is semi-autobiographical and is described by the […]

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Orange: net profit almost tripled in 2015

Orange saw its net profit to be multiplied by almost three in 2015 compared to 2014, to 2.65 billion euros, according to results released Tuesday by the incumbent, who claims to have exceeded its financial targets for the year. The results were above expectations, marked by an increase in operating […]

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