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Taxes: No compromise signals in inheritance dispute

Berlin in the federal-state dispute on the reform of inheritance tax despite growing time pressure is not a rapid compromise in sight. the mediation Committee of Bundestag and Bundesrat adjourned the negotiations on Thursday night after only brief discussions in Berlin on 21 September. By then, a federal-state working group […]

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Spanish soldier dies in an accident in Iraq

Thursday, September 8, 2016 – 19:26 CEST A Spanish soldier 25 years has died and two others were injured Thursday in an accident during maneuvers at the door of the Spanish base in Iraq, in the town of Besmayah, 40 kilometers from Baghdad. The incident occurred when hitting a truck […]

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True words: Ex-Pope Benedict criticized German church

Osnabrück. Too much money, too much politics, too much pride: The former Pope Benedict XVI. has “Last calls” unusually harshly criticized in his book the German dioceses. There are true words of Joseph Ratzinger. The former Pope Benedict XVI. There is something ascetic. A thinker, strict with themselves and others […]

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Raqqa: Erdogan wants to drive together with the Americans the IS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  fighters of the Kurdish people’s defense unit YPG show the victory sign in northeastern Syria, near the town of Raqqa                                                                 […]

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Working group is to bring solutions in the inheritance dispute

Federal and state governments hope despite widely separated receivables in September on an agreement on the contentious Erbschaftsteuerreform. This is to prevent that ultimately the Federal Constitutional court this code makes the requirements for the future spared rules for company heir. According to information of the German Press -Agentur wanted […]

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