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Convert debt into investment

M etter an end to the Greek crisis ? Despite their declarations, European leaders mainly involved in “ spend the summer ” find a temporary solution, without addressing the underlying problem. The most urgent need is to continue as before, the risk that the population exceeded by Europe as it […]

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Republicans ask “the agricultural emergency”

L ‘agricultural emergency, it means concretely say five immediate steps we wish to see adopted by the government, “said Guillaume Larrivé, spokesman for Republicans, at the weekly press conference of his party, while a European Council taking place on agriculture in Brussels. 1 a lower expenses “the first emergency […]

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Ten principles of mechanical conspiracy

1. Never talk about conspiracy “ In the French Revolution, everything, even the most appalling packages, everything was planned, meditated combined, resolved, ruled ; everything was (…) led by men who alone had over the long hatched conspiracies in secret societies, and have been able to choose and hasten the […]

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2.0 The new life of the minister Fleur Pellerin fallen

unceremoniously ousted government, Fleur Pellerin holds perhaps revenge. Since his departure, “a heavy heart” of the Rue de Valois, the former minister of culture multiplies disguised pikes against the executive. His new playground? Social networks, where it obviously takes pleasure to distill some “subliminal messages” against those – Valls and […]

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