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Schengen, an area less open

L a crisis of migrants she will be right of principle of free movement of citizens in Europe ? The question arises for several months and announced on Tuesday the provisional reinstatement of controls at the border between Belgium and France reopens the debate. Signed in 1985 and entered […]

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Saudi perils

Yaser Safi. – “ Camp ” 2015 Mark Hachem gallery “ N e are simply unable to mount military operations . All we know to do is sign checks (1). “ Chief of Saudi intelligence when Soviet troops occupied Afghanistan (1979-1989 ), Prince Turki Al-Faisal and explained the contribution of […]

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Martine Aubry François Hollande load (again and again)

“Enough is enough.” This is essentially the scope of co-signed indictment Wednesday, February 24 by Martine Aubry and several officials left. In this article published by “Le Monde”, the mayor of Lille leads a violent charge against Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls. Far from being an isolated blood shot, the […]

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