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Lot-et-Garonne: prison for thieves pie salmon

C e Wednesday, judges Agen have studied an unusual theft happened on the night of 2 to 3 February, in a butcher shop of Port-Sainte-Marie. Individuals were certainly left with the hard cash, since they had won 700 euros of cash funds and two customer checks , but they also […]

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Tax evasion: UBS démarchait how French customers

The Swiss bank UBS AG continued in France for aggravated tax fraud laundering. According to Le Monde, the school had “made this tax evasion a separate activity, a strategic axis” Objective displayed (internally). Drain funds from rich French taxpayers tempted by . tax evasion, to deep coffers of the Swiss […]

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“Jambisations” in the 93 when reckoning rhymes with mutilation

Seine-Saint-Denis, the police now have a name for punitive expeditions between dealers “jambisation” “In Marseille, we kill here. , mutilated: one or more bullets in the legs, it is a local peculiarity. ” In Seine-Saint-Denis, the police now have a name for punitive expeditions between dealers “jambisation”. When he peeled […]

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Spain: eight Airbus unionists acquitted

The eight Spanish trade unionists Airbus, against whom the prosecution had asked for long prison sentences for strike were all acquitted this February 17th. The mobilization paid. A demonstration was attended by nearly 10 000 people in Madrid on February 9 when opened their trial, the call including the two […]

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Agriculture: Valls announced a decline of 7 points dues

Francois Hollande had mentioned, Manuel Valls announced Wednesday: an immediate drop of seven points in social contributions paid by farmers has been decided by the government. This effort is estimated at 500 million euros. Prime Minister was speaking at the government questions in the National Assembly, after receiving agricultural organizations, […]

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