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Belgium lifting the ban on raids overnight

The commission counter-terrorism in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives has approved on Tuesday unanimously several measures to strengthen fighting terrorism including lifting the ban on raids between 21.00 and 5.00 hours . so far it is only possible for l a police record private places in that interval of time […]

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Rajoy Aznar asks before “new leadership”

EP / Madrid The former Prime Minister and Honorary President of the PP, José María Aznar , has said Tuesday that “new leaderships capable of exercising a social, moral and policy to meet the challenges traction” that lie ahead. are needed

SPD woos FDP in Rhineland-Palatinate

Berlin. The SPD in Rhineland-Palatinate courts the FDP for negotiations on a coalition with the Greens. “The coalition of SPD, FDP and the Greens can form something new,” the Rhineland-Palatinate SPD party leader Alexander Schweitzer the “World said on Sunday.” In the regional elections in mid-March, the SPD had become […]

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Political Crime in Brazil: coalition threatens to break

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff (left) and Vice President Michel Temer Photo:.. EPA / Fernando Bizerra Jr Brasília. In the deep political crisis in Brazil President Dilma Rousseff threatens to become ever more incapable of action. The guidance of its main coalition partner, the Party of Democratic Movement (PMDB) will announce […]

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Ballesta fa a featherweight

Ja hem tornat to Normalität. Convenia. Moments excepcionals n’hem viscuts tants i tants darrerament that l’avorriment has esdevingut, per the comú the veïnatge, Be month preuat to costat of llibertat, which s’ha of advocacy as faith i amb value. Felicitem the cartipàs nou i nova alcaldessa. Desitgem-the MAXIM d’encerts. Tenen […]

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