Castillon battle to ” get out “

Castillon battle to ” get out “

Jean-Charles galiacy

On the panels dedicated to the electoral propaganda at the beginning of the week, there is almost no visible trace of the national Front. The posters depicting Marine Le Pen have almost all been torn apart or uprooted. Yet, Sunday night at Castillon-la-Bataille, the results of the first round of the presidential election should remember how much weighs the vote frontiste in the commune of the gironde department, bordered by vineyards and leaded by the lack of jobs.

This Tuesday, the day after the feast of Easter at Castillon, the fairground packed their bags. On the fairways of the Republic, addressing the passers-by, taking the pulse of a city where the voting FN flirts more often with 30 % in the first rounds. They were 27.6 per cent have opted for the extremist party during the presidential election in 2012, 32,18 % in the Eu in 2014 and 30,86 % for the Regional in 2015. A vote marked and persistent.

” It is a scam and company this presidential election. Yet this morning, I turned on the radio and it was still a business… “, let it simply, a sexagenarian, cigarette in the beak. Business, the white vote or the abstention, of the classic.

In the rue Victor-Hugo, over which the pigeons fly between the rooftops, we meet Jacqueline who file slowly toward the sixties. She also is reluctant to discuss policy. But it will eventually pour out his ras-le-bol. Retired, married, has two daughters who “have worked” to find a job which, in the common, is still a small victory : here, more than one out of every four (25.7% of the population) is the RSA.

” Castillon la daille “

It will not appoint, never specifically, but his wrath is aimed a lot these Castillonnais for the most French of north african origin, who constitute a sizeable community in the city. Policies ? “I don’t know if they will take the bar, I don’t know what they are doing. Poking fun at Trump in the united States but it is in the same batch. “”Yes,” she was ” the temptation to Marine Le Pen. “” This is my last chance “, she says.

A little later, Ludovic, quarantine, nicknamed the ” common Castillon la daille “, regretting his new face, and like Jacqueline, a little earlier, he points the finger at a trade : a kebab that comes to replace a pastry. He also says that he is willing to drag The Pen in the ballot box this Sunday.

the Evolution of employment : -13,2 %

Difficult to predict the magnitude of the score of the FN this Sunday but the economic context pleads rather in favour of a vote of protest. At city hall, mayor Jacques Breillat released a figure of the Insee, published in the “South-West” on the evolution of employment in the 25-54 age group between 2006 and 2013 for urban area. With a decrease of -13,2 %, Castillon displays one of the worst developments of the region.

” The voting FN is quite revealing of how are certain territories, said the municipal official. Here, we’ve gradually allowed to install all the vulnerable populations in the heart of town. We have not mastered the social mix, we have concentrated on the difficulties and let paupériser the hypercentre. “The wine properties, which colonize the surroundings of Castillon, housing, in addition to their employees, these are installed as well, in the centre, participating in the metamorphosis gradual of the commune.

Kacel, 62 years old, smoking while at a bar in central of the city, was one of those workers in the vineyards for years. Her children are French. He shrugs gently, the shoulders when we refer to the national Front. “There are a lot of foreigners here in Castillon or to Libourne,” he said. But that is what they will do ? They will take us and we send home ? “

At the town hall, Jacques Breillat tries to calm the tensions, fighting in particular against the anti-social behaviour. Since he was elected in 2014, he participated in 326 rendezvous with the victims or the doers of disorders. “As much as I fight the FN as a political formation, it must also bring answers to the people who come to see us,” insisted the elected.

The man wants to take care of many of these young people out of the system, who are languishing in the center and also achieving a revitalization of the city. Projects tedious and long (see also). “But we no longer have the luxury of pushing the cursors one after the other, says the mayor. Time is of the essence. It is necessary to push all of the sliders at the same time, if one wants to get out of it. “

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