Case to the car-ram at Besancon : the Swatch Group robbed

Case to the car-ram at Besancon : the Swatch Group robbed

The case-sensitive, it was nothing, late Friday afternoon, otherwise this pile of ashes, blackened on the empty parking lot.

In the night that preceded it, many individuals have burglarized the site bisontin of Swatch Group France, using the hard way. A grid in the enclosure was first carefully cut out. The bold burglars, without doubt broken to this kind of ” exercise “, then ran a stolen car against the gate of delivery, forcing it with success.

Difficult to assess what has been stolen. The inventory had to be made in the day. All we know is that the site of the park, The Fayette, Planoise, attends the after-sales service, and that the Swatch Group – it is essential in this environment – enjoy discretion about it. In addition to the equipment, the thieves have therefore can be made low hand on a whole series of watches stored on-site. It was probably their original purpose.

Too fast to get caught in fragrance

the Swatch Group is the world’s number one watchmaking, and from afar. It has twenty different brands, and this in all the ranges. Some of luxury, or even an exception.

once their mission is accomplished, the criminals have set fire to their car aries, that they have abandoned on-site. The alarm device is triggered, but everything went very quickly, too quickly : the thieves have vanished in the nature at the edge of another vehicle before the police arrived bisontins.

An investigation has been opened. It will be conducted by the departmental Safety.

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