Carpet cleaner complains against Olympic ban Hashtag


New York It has something Gallic of the little village that the Romans for batty holding them and simply does not want to submit: A carpet cleaning service from the beet Minnesota State charge with the hashtag ban against the National Olympic Committee of the United States (USOC). Like all organizations will also prevail in the US, the USOC IOC regulations: Businesses should related hashtags may not use the Olympic Games. A similar prohibition applies also for German companies.

Zerorez Minnesota located in the 45,000-inhabitant city of St. Louis in Minneapolis submitted on Thursday his lawsuit (PDF). It’s about the securitized the First Amendment to the Constitution right to freedom of expression. “A bizarre case on First Amandment” said the US side Gizmodo. “But a really important.” Michael Kaplan, one of the owners of the company, said the local side, you felt bullied by the ban. We do not pretend as if we were Olympic sponsors. But we want to be part of the discussions, it is an issue that belongs to all “

Will free right to Hashtags for all. Michael Kaplan, one of the owners of carpet cleaning service Zerorez who complains against the Olympic Committee of the United States.” br /> Photo: Zerorez Minnesota

Since 2014, the company is active in social networks, sometimes more, sometimes less original, often refers to events in Minnesota on twitter @ZerorezMinn has just almost 250 followers. ., on Facebook, after all, nearly 9,000 Likes and in the networks to Zerorez had wanted to report with regards and good wishes to the athletes Exemplary postings are mentioned in the application. “good luck to all eleven athletes from Minnesota who in ten disciplines in Rio 2016 compete. #rioready “or” A native of St. Cloud Alise Post is an athlete who now starts BMX Competition in #Olympic. Follow her at @ alisepost11 “. Some tweets are transparent attempts to score attention under the hashtag, direct advertising does not make the company but.

associations speak of” cheaters “

According to IOC rules such tweets from businesses with the use of Olympic-related hashtags may nevertheless not be – be it from the bakery around the corner, as a social media manager at the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) clarified the Olympic associations. want so primarily contain the so-called ambush marketing, in German freeloader marketing. businesses should not simply depend on the Olympiazug to advertise itself. according to reports, this involves blatant cases against but only with clear rules . can proceed

Zerorez attorney Aaron Hall from the Registry Jux Law puts other values ​​in the centers: “the USOC brakes the Olympic spirit and patriotism in a time in which more American Spirit was needed, not less “, it said in a statement. He has applied for an urgent hearing. The court should find that the exemplified Tweets not violate the US Olympic Protection Act and not to trademark the USOC.

On Friday, no reaction of the Court was initially known. Direct impact on other countries would not have a decision. The pressure on national associations elsewhere but would rise


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