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Carcassonne for the closure of the school of La Prade, “nothing is decided” ‘

  • The delegation received by Monique Denux, deputy mayor in charge of education. (Photo by CARCASSONNE NATHALIE AMEN VALS)

  • The students attached to their school.

    Schoolchildren attached to their school. (Photo by CARCASSONNE NATHALIE AMEN VALS)

  • Gathering in front of the school before the start of the procession;

    Rally at school before the start of the procession; (Photo by CARCASSONNE NATHALIE AMEN VALS)

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New collection Wednesday morning before school La Prade Carcassonne. Opposed the proposed closure of this institution supported by the municipality, the parents and their children rallied to protest the municipality. A delegation was able to speak for an hour with Monique Denux , Deputy Mayor for Education, the Chief Service and the Chief of Staff.

After the interview, the delegation met admitted to the meeting. “ We seem to have been partly heard “, stated a mother, but said that city officials had said their “ nothing was decided “and that” it was just a project “.

Next meeting on 11 February in the school of Prade where a meeting is scheduled for parents of pupils in the municipality, to 17 h 30.

the project will also be discussed at the next City Council in March.

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