Cantona to Aurier, insulting his coach, a tradition of football

Cantona to Aurier, insulting his coach, a tradition of football

FOOTBALL – PSG defender Serge Aurier treated Laurent Blanc “fieet” in a video broadcast on Periscope in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The Paris coach joined the long list of famous coaches to have suffered the insults of their own players.

The case fell ill two days before the knockout round of the Champions League against Chelsea. Paris SG coach Laurent Blanc has been called “fieet” by Serge Aurier his right side in a video broadcast on the night of Saturday to Sunday on Periscope. It is however not the first coach to be insulted by one of his players. Jose Mourinho Raymond Domenech, many coaches have undergone the flowery language of football stars.

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Franz Beckenbauer, a “clown” by Uli Stein

Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer was treated clown by Uli Stein. Pavani

at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the German goalkeeper Uli Stein calls the coach Franz Beckenbauer of “clown bathing in his soup, “referring to an advertising spot for a soup which appeared the” Kaiser “. Beckenbauer had preferred Toni Schumacher for the position number 1. Stein was sent back to Germany.

Henri Michel a “scumbag” for Eric Cantona

Insults Eric Cantona earned him 10 months of suspension.

REUTERS / Aly Song

September 1988 Henri Michel, coach Eric Cantona does not call for a France-Czechoslovakia friendly. “I was reading something Mickey Rourke, because he’s a guy I love, who said that the guy who looks after the Oscars is a scumbag. I think that Henri Michel is not far “said Cantona. The FFF president Jean Fournet-Fayard suspends 10 months.

Raymond Domenech, Anelka target

Highlights of L’Equipe, June 19, 2010, the insults from Nicolas Anelka.


This insult is the origin of one of the most serious crises of french football. the former coach of the France team, in his book ” alone “in 2012, returns to this episode that triggered the” strike of the bus “in Knysna during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa he explains saying, at halftime of France-Mexico.” I asked depth and you Nico, on the first ball, you stay there without moving, “to which, according to Domenech, Anelka replied.” Motherfucker, you got to make your own shit team! I stop me … “

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at the time, the newspaper the Team had transcribed the words of Anelka in these words: “fuck you, son of a bitch” the player was excluded from the group before. that his teammates refuse to train as a support.

Guardiola? He has “no balls” according Zlatan

The Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has led Barcelona Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Kneffel

Today teammate Aurier PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells in his book, “Me Ibra”, published in 2011, having firmly told to Pep Guardiola, his coach in Barcelona during the 2009-10 season: “You n ‘got no balls, you shit on you before (Jose) Mourinho, you do nothing worth next to him. ” Ibrahimovic, who left the Blaugrana club after one season, “is a great player,” replied the Catalan press conference. “It may have a grudge against me, but I still think it’s a great player.”

Mourinho, a “puppet” who has “never played”

As the Madrid dressing room appears more and more tense, specialized daily Marca publishes its January 2012 a transcript of a tense exchange between coach Jose Mourinho and captain and vice captain, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos. Rebuked by the “Special One” to a labeling error against the rival Barcelona central defender replied: “Sometimes in a game, it happens that we should change the markings as you’ve never played, you know. not that he can get this stuff. ” Mourinho will leave the club in the transfer window following summer.

The coach José Mourinho has often maintained complicated relationships with those players.

Coach Jose Mourinho has often maintained complicated relationships with those players. KIRK

the Portuguese coach joined Chelsea in the process, where it will be illustrated in particular by questioning the age of one of its stars, Samuel Eto’o, in a television interview in February 2014. “I a striker, Eto’o, he is 32 years old … maybe 35, who knows “the Portuguese coach had quipped the Cameroon international reaction.”? it is not because a puppet m ‘ treated old you’ll believe it. “

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