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Cancer of Johnny : the first treatment is a failure

Cancer of Johnny : the first treatment is a failure

Johnny Hallyday is now fighting for several months against a cancer of the lung. The singer had confirmed his illness on the social networks at the beginning of march.

According to new information from the magazine VSD, the results of the first protocol of the sessions of chemotherapy are inconclusive.

A new, more effective treatment

But the rock star continues to fight. Neat at pavilion of oncology Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (United States), the artist now follows a new treatment that would be more effective. Its new sessions of chemotherapy with immunotherapy to strengthen its immune defences.


In his fight, Johnny is not alone. His wife Laeticia, who published many messages of love on Twitter, is a valuable support. And his daughters Jade and Joy, as all his loved ones and his many fans.

“Johnny has decided that there was nothing to keep living exactly as before and even, at times, even more intensely,” said a musician, in VOD.

His tour of “Old Scoundrels”, with his friends Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc, and is currently still maintained by next June.

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