Call of Duty WW2: Player reaches max rank without one To give a shot

Call of Duty WW2: Player reaches max rank without one
 To give a shot

Shooting game? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This CoD WW2 – Player has fought his way up without guns.

The Youtuber TheseKnifesOnly stands out from the typical “Call of Duty WW2” players. In order to achieve the highest rank in the game, he renounced firearms and fought instead with blades and knives in close combat.

Over 32,000 kills in close combat – Who needs weapons?

As GameSpot TheseKnifesOnly is probably the first player in Call of Duty: WW2 to reach a Master Prestige level without shooting a ball.

Achieving Master Prestige Rank is not an easy task. First, 55 levels must be completed in multiplayer before you can start the Prestige mode. Then start leveling again to achieve prestige for the second time. This is what you do again and again until you reach the eleventh and last place “Master Prestige”.

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TheseKnifesOnly apparently plays games of this series in close combat. Since Call of Duty Black Ops he concentrates on melee combat.

The idea for this style of play came from watching another player in a special kill. During a “Search and Destroy” match, TheseKnifesOnly watched as someone made an epic kill with a tomahawk to defend the bomb site.

“I thought that was the coolest thing out there, and my interest in knife kills was awakened,” the Youtuber explains Kotaku ,


For his kills in CoD WW2 he used the bayonet attack, the shovel, the ice ax, throwing and fighting knives. Achieving Prestige Master status had more than 32,000 kills in his account. He used air support only for or against enlightenment. Deadly Scorestreaks were waived.

In the following video you can see some of his most epic kills:

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Attention of developers and plans for the future

On February 2, TheseKnifesOnly achieved his Prestige Master rank with his set handicap. He proudly posted the result on Twitter and even got the answer from the developers of sledgehammer games.

And what’s next for TheseKnifesOnly? He wants to reach level 1000 of the Master Prestige Rank now. He is already looking forward to the 2018 title of COD, because he is a “fanboy” of the developer studio Treyarch.

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