Caisse d'Epargne CEPAC : “to Be cheaper is not a goal”

Caisse d'Epargne CEPAC : “to Be cheaper is not a goal”


Bank. The Caisse d’epargne CEPAC redeploy its network since last year, following its merger with the Bank of Meeting. The group intends to become the co-leader of the banking sector with Crédit Agricole. The point with Serge Derick, a member of the management board in charge of the hub and overseas development.

Following the takeover of three banks in overseas in November 2015, with the Bank as of the Meeting, the group became the ” Caisse d’epargne CEPAC “. Where is the merge of the two networks ?

We had 43 agencies to the Meeting after the merger. Our redeployment program is carried out around the following principles : we do désengageons not a territory in which we are present, but we have grouped the teams on the sites where our offices are distant of a few hundreds of meters. Thus, there will be 8 to 10 clusters, and two-the creation of agencies : the first at the space Ocean in Saint-Denis, which you open from the 31st January ; the second should open Beauséjour (Sainte-Marie) at the end of the first quarter. On an investment budget of 20 million euros in 2018, The CEPAC is investing half overseas.

This mutualisation of the means will lead to reductions in the workforce ?

there will be no staff reductions in CDI.

What are the ambitions of the CEPAC to 2018 ?

Our ambitions are simple : to be a bank rooted in the local economy, to work for the service of the development of the Meeting and accompany the residents to grow their ideas on the territory. It begins with an investment policy massive. In 2017, the Caisse d’epargne CEPAC has invested 179 million euros for professionals and businesses and has allocated 235 million euros of loans to individuals. The CEPAC is on all markets : individuals, professionals and businesses. We are also present alongside actors of the social and solidarity economy. The Local Savings of the Meeting supports many community projects on the ground.

last year, you had said they want to become leader on the market, in front of the Credit agricole. What is it today ?

We have no ambition of ranking. Our ambition is driven by the economy of the territory. I think there’s room for a few big players and for that the CEPAC is to regain a place of co-leader to the side of the Agricultural Credit. But this is not an ambition to say : we want to be first or second. If we come back to the elbow-to-elbow with Agricultural Credit, this will mean that these two institutions will be able to actively contribute to the development of the Meeting.

Become a bank, the least expensive, was not your priority in 2017. On what to bet-you for you attract customers ?

Be cheaper is not a goal in itself, we are vigilant on our pricing, but our priority remains focused on customer satisfaction. For some clients who do not need expertise in heritage matters or taxation, it is silly to make them pay. If they can find the same level of service by being fully autonomous to a price of zero, we need to be able to provide. On the other hand, the rise in expertise that we are developing in our agencies has a price. We have a position that is not of the CEPAC the bank, the least expensive, but a bank that is positioned at the right level of price compared to the quality of its service. We are confident that with the expertise and commitment of our employees are key factors of success.

According to the latest ranking of the Iedom, the CEPAC is the 5th largest banks in the less expensive (on 6), losing 2 places in a year. Why this rise in bank fees ?

You know, the pricing of our bank charges assessed on the whole of the customer relationship, on the prices charged for the financing of consumer loans, real estate, investments… But also on our community service within our offices. We continue our development : the business relationship must be appreciated in its entirety. The price is a factor to be taken into account, but it is not the only one.

What are your development projects, Mayotte?

We believe very much in the development of Mayotte. The operations of financing of companies or infrastructure will be driven by our poles based on the Meeting or to Marseille. We remain on standby on the opportunities of an implementation with complementary, especially on Petite Terre, where we are not yet present.

The law Macron has facilitated the transfer of account from one bank to another. What is the balance sheet of the transferring customer ?

All clients are not eligible for the “mobility Macron”. Many households are still managed via a mobility classic. It is still too early to make an assessment and to be aware of all the consequences of this law. In our case, we are at equilibrium, which, in the light of the different and recent steps of our reorganisation, is quite positive.

You just open a agency collaborative in the Cauldron. That is what it is ?

In a banking context is constantly changing, the CEPAC adapts its network by reinventing its formats agencies to be always in tune with the needs of its customers. Connected and resolutely turned towards the future, the agency collaborative’s goal is to provide the best banking experience to its customers. This challenge collaborative is first and foremost a state of mind and a mode of working (expanding hours, digital tools…) for mixing the bank.

interview by Emilie Marty

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