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Business France : revelations are embarrassing for Muriel Pénicaud

Business France : revelations are embarrassing for Muriel Pénicaud

The minister of labour, Muriel Pénicaud, in Paris on June 28.

Muriel Pénicaud, was notified of the malfunctions in the budget related to the organisation of an evening of promotion of high-tech French, which was held in January 2016 in Las Vegas during the ces (Consumer Electronics Show) ?

After the revelations of the Duck chained and Liberation, The Sunday Newspaper reported on Sunday, July 2, that the current minister of labour was aware, from 2015, funding difficulties and risks of irregularity related to the establishment of this event around Emmanuel Macron, minister of the economy.

The weekly has published the facsimile of an e-mail dated 11 December 2015, in which the head of communications, Business France, the public agency of which Mme Pénicaud was at the time director general, writes :

” Muriel, briefée by our care, does nothing. So she will also manage when the Cescr [Court of accounts] will ask for an account to BF, it will not be because they have said again and again. “

The prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened on march 13, a preliminary investigation of the allegations of the offence of favouritism aimed at Business France. The organization for the promotion of French companies abroad has been entrusted by the giant Havas the organization of the evening, without having proceeded to a call for tenders. Their headquarters were raided on June 20.

Read our explanations : What we know of the case Business France, in which is quoted the minister of labour, Muriel Pénicaud

” A procedural error has taken place. “

In a statement sent to Agence France-Presse (AFP) in the wake of the revelations of the JDD, Mme Pénicaud says, she, have ” been informed by the financial officer at the end of February 2016 “. She has so ” is to halt any possible payment to the agency communication service provider and has requested that an internal audit and an external audit with an independent firm to be immediately carried out in order to identify the problems and responsibilities.

A line of defence similar to the one adopted after the revelations of Liberation, which was published Wednesday an article claiming that the applicant has suppressed, for six months, an audit report commissioned by his care, pointing to irregularities. It would also have validated some of the expenses related to the evening.

In its statement to AFP, the former director-general of Business France recognizes again that” a procedural error has taken place. “ for the organization of the event. the ” given the amounts involved, which exceeded the threshold of delegation authorised 90 000 euros, the decision of the public order should be subject to validation and the signature of the director-general, which has not been the case “, ” she says.

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