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While the Euro 2016 begins in France on 10 June, here is our selection of albums devoted to football. Big and small stories, figures and images, technique and tactics, news and biographies … There’s something for all tastes and all ages!

the passion has no age
beautiful images and carefully adapted texts: Benoît Nacci says football to children (rather less than ten years) putting it pretty forms, benchmarks, tips and techniques included pages. This book is also listed as full version but smaller format in the box by the same author alongside a “book of the young player,” more technical but equally suitable, as well as a poster and 32 stickers to affix suits . Ideal for a good time!
Soccer for Kids, Benoît Nacci, Editions de la Martinière Jeunesse, 14.50 euros
Soccer explained to children, Benoît Nacci, Editions de la Martinière Kids € 19.90

the tactic is fantastic
500 pages on the tactical approach. 500 pages on the decryption key of the game. Despite its catchy title, this book does not immediately prompt the desire. And yet, provided they are interested in the subject, simply open it and never let go, caught by this “bible” novel written by enthusiasts. With four De-Managers blog Cahiers du Football, dribbling between technical and human / humor, supported with analyzes (Gourcuff, Red, Denoueix …) also pointed that the “case” highlighted (Bielsa Klopp Guardiola …), you will never look at a football match “as before”.
How to watch a football match, Raphael Cosmidis Gilles Juan, Christophe Julien Momont Kuchly and Solar editions, 17,90 euros

Offsets, overflows
No need to love football to delve into these thirteen chronic where football world characters encounter the history and social facts that marked since the late 30s to the story, fractures in Austria (Sindelar), Algeria (Mekhloufi), USSR (Streltsov) North Korea (M.Rye-hyun and K.Jong-hunhye) or Yugoslavia (Arkan) for facts, UNCLE (Moggi, Bernès …), slavery (Okpara) or addiction (Adams). Here it is above all a question of men of power and greed, as new as black as realistic. What dirty stories …
Overflow, dark stories Football 1938-2016, Olivier Villepreux, Samy Mouhoubi and Frédéric Bernard, Anamosa editions 17.50 euros

History of (the ) France
There is a football culture in France since the 30s, and Thibaud Leplat decided to show it to those who do not believe … and trotting otherwise. An abundant thesis of ideas and references (Batteux, Suaudeau, Jacquet …) reserved more to true enthusiasts who will delight in the analysis of these tactical debates and ideological struggles that have marked the history of hexagonal foot. Bright and exciting
Football in French, Leplat Thibaud, Solaar editions 18.90 euros

Draw me football
pictographs, figures, anecdotes, cartoons, statistics, rankings … In 91 themes more or less serious (the protocol pros, injuries, singers footballers, the team of bald, tactical devices …) this book traces the history of football and footballers in a very original way. Interesting and fun, to peck or to devour.
Football in computer graphics, John Andrews and Daniel Nyari, Grund editions 19.95 euros

Journey of a gifted child
from Toulouse to Paris via Fontenay-sous-Bois Vincennes, Troyes and Saint-Etienne in particular, Blaise Matuidi reveals its route, that of a child to the Angolan roots that has always believed in his dreams. By becoming one of the pillars of the team of France and Paris SG, the tireless midfielder has already managed two. They figure prominently in this biography with many anecdotes co-written with Ludovic Pinton.
After my dreams, Blaise Matuidi and Ludovic Pinton Solar editions 18.90 euros

Panini this is for life
No World or Euro without Panini album and images coveted. The object collector transgenerational educational virtues – yes (math, finances …) – the totem around which unite parents and children of all ages, Proust’s madeleine addicts of football. 680 stickers to 0.70 euros per bag of five, not counting these “doubles” cursed – or even “triple” – that multiply exponentially, the priceless memories have a price. The unforgettable satisfaction to finish the album as well.

remedial Session
Always a concern in your knowledge of the offside? Lewandowski, it means nothing to you? For you, the dead leaves fall only the trees? The updated edition of this “ledger” or less pompously this “simplified alphabet football” is there for you. Mini-portraits, definitions and anecdotes, delivered in bulk and signed Darren Tulett, offer a pleasant reading for beginners looking for a little knowledge.
The great football book, Darren Tulett, Editions Martinière, 13.90 euros

the big question
Why prehistoric people they were playing soccer? Why have banned hands? Why football makes crazy? Why is football a rite? …. In 53 “why” and 190 pages, Philippe Villemus, research professor, writer, columnist and lecturer in particular, tells us football in an original way, combining history, philosophy and sociology. All with humor and passion
Why football, Villemus Philippe Le Papillon Rouge Editor 15.90 euros

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