Béziers : the Carrefour Market on the boulevard of Freedom should be close


S es employees come to learn : the Carrefour Market on the boulevard of Freedom must close its doors on the 25th February. On Wednesday 14 February, leaders of the HRD group would be expected to Béziers.

The Carrefour Market, the boulevard of Freedom in Béziers, is expected to close its doors on the 25th February next. The employees were notified at the end of last week.

employees : “we thought We were being safe”

on Wednesday 14 February, they are waiting for officials of the HRD “to make us sign breaks the conventional. But we don’t want it”, to ensure employees were stunned by the news. “We thought of the cover when the official list is gone. We thought that only the sign of Maraussan was referred. We were not on that famous list. We know nothing of our future. It’s a shame. We are real goods.”

Maraussan, preparing for the closing

Maraussan, the employees are also very concerned about the situation. They say they are ready to act on the condition that the solidarity of all to be displayed. “We were very afraid for our future, insist two employees. We take a walk. No one gives us the date of closure. We believe that we have to fight. If only not to regret of having done nothing. Of all the ways our leadership has officially announced our hub is lost. Then, fired and fired as much to make noise and try to understand why we are losing our jobs, while our group always wins the money.”

What about the reclassification of employees

with respect to the reclassification of the employees, no one really believes in. “Maybe we will propose-t-on a job in another department. We refuse because our whole life is here, our homes, our loans. And as a result we will be dismissed. This is a funny way to manage his or her staff.”

#Contacted by telephone, the Carrefour management has promised to recall Midi Free to confirm or refute this information of closure that had not been officially proposed a few days ago.

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