Bertelsmann study: fewer deaths in specialized hospitals


In departments patients get better treatment, says a study by Bertelsmann

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Specialize to hospitals for certain procedures, which leads according to a study in fewer deaths and complications in predictable operations. At the same time increase the travel time for patients to an average of a few minutes, if not in every hospital the same offer is maintained. This is the result of Bertelsmann study, which was presented on Thursday in G├╝tersloh. So around 140 deaths could in be avoided in hip operations, if these interventions were made only of houses with more experience.

the calculation in the study is more than 176 operations per year as a benchmark. In Germany in 2014 hip operations were carried out in 311 hospitals that reported less than 50 of these actions. In prostate distances the Bertelsmann Foundation speaks of dangerously low numbers of cases. Of the 414 German hospitals that have this surgery on offer, take 43 this intervention rarer than five times a year ago. The result on failure: Patients at risk impotence and incontinence

According to the study, the average travel time for patients increased at a stronger focus on specialized clinics only two to five minutes.. “Citizens must be aware that they get at predictable operations in departments with many cases and a lot of experience the better care,” says Brigitte Mohn, CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation. Patients should have the opportunity to decide whether they are worth lower complication rates a few minutes more driving time.

“Especially in conurbations with today high hospital density, patients higher quality through specialization quasi without traveling time extension get” as Mohn. The course does not apply to more rural areas, limited study author Jan goats in an interview with the German Press Agency a.

Scientists have different models are calculated, in order to show the impact of minimum quantities in operations on the average travel time . Thus, the driving time in hip prosthesis from 9 extended to 11 minutes. in prostate surgery, the value on average of 15 increases to 17 at a low and at 20 minutes at a higher limit. Only little more to patients with heart bypass surgery Scheduling:… Instead of 26, there are 27 and 28 minutes with valvular heart catheter interventions, the average travel time of 23 increases to 25 minutes with a higher limit is 27 minutes

study author goats looks at the minimum amount . a difficult conflict “the motto in operations must be:.? Less is more when hospitals specialize and so then actually have an interest in higher numbers of cases, but the question should be in the foreground, the OP is required,” says goats. Therefore more emphasis should be placed on the high quality of the decision on the engagement

Another result of the study. A stronger specialization does not necessarily lead to a hospital dying. Although the number of departments that also operate will reduce. Through cooperation of worldwide services could also be provided more efficiently, according to the authors. The primary and emergency care is not affected when the specialization will be limited to planned surgeries.

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