Before / after … 800 words change with the new spelling

Before / after … 800 words change with the new spelling

There are more than 2,400 words affected by the spelling reform dating from 1990 and which will be implemented in September 2016 in schools. The Independent offers of finding nearly 800 with their spelling before and after the reform.

“The French Academy made a very precise work “, says Michel Lussault, President of the Supreme Council of the programs (CSP). “There were spelling anomalies related to historical changes a little strange, so the Academy had really made sure that these changes are understandable, it was absolutely not an upheaval, instead of grooming.” This is to extinguish the controversy arose last few hours.

The Independent invites you to check in the application below, the words changed by the reform. To do this, type the desired word and find its new spelling. Of course, they are not all. The reform modifies the rules in effect affecting the entire conjugation of a verb, for example, it would be too heavy to publish everything.

Note that when in doubt, you can go to the website Spelling-recommandé And if you have found a mistake in the following list, please let us know, no one is infallible.

As for the reform, find there, point by point, here.

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