Bayrou (MoDem) Sarkozy said “the biggest nonsense that it”

President of the Modem, Francois Bayrou, said Sunday on France 5 as Nicolas Sarkozy had an “aggressive” attitude that led him to “say more stupid things than him,” including the fact that the centrist “vote left. “

” Contrary to appearances, this is obviously not me who referred. Whoever is referred, is Alain Juppé, as he can not hang Alain Juppé by some angle whatsoever, then it tries to find an ally, “ruled the former presidential candidate, referring to remarks made Saturday by Nicolas Sarkozy at the National Council of the party Republicans.

“This aggressive attitude leads him to say more stupid things than him,” added Mr. Bayrou. Nicolas Sarkozy said Saturday that he thought Bayrou voted “left” from “before” 2012.

“It is driven by the idea of ​​being aggressive, to open a debate,” he yet commented the president of the Modem and mayor of Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

“in 2002, there were no candidates left in the second round and would have been surprising that I left votasse the second round in 2002, because I myself was a candidate in the first round. and I assure you that I have no hesitation “, has -t he joked.

Then he chained: “I voted for the leftist candidate in the presidential election of 2012, and this is the only time in my life that I did I voted blank 2007 and I have. voted for Jacques Chirac in 2002, “has he detailed.

also, has he warned,” if I were Nicolas Sarkozy, I would think the fact that there many French are very happy that Alain Juppé and I, and Jean-Pierre Raffarin from tonight (…) we got along without selfishness (…) “. Jean-Pierre Raffarin said on Sunday his support for primary Alain Juppe autumn 2016.

Since September 2014, Francois Bayrou said he was ready to help Alain Juppé in his presidential business . “I think the situation of Alain Juppé today also comes from trust between us,” he said.

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