Bayern will no longer be a club



To all Bayern fans out there: Do not worry, the FC Bayern München will enter this code. Lewandowski, Müller and New are still standing on the grass and shoot for money goals.


The question now Lars Leuschner provides, but can bring the greatest football club in Germany in distress. Lars Leuschner is Professor of Civil Law, Commercial and Corporate Law at the University of Osnabrück code and has the news portal ” time online “code According excited at Munich Local court to delete the FC Bayern München eV from the register of associations.



How does he get such an idea?


Leuschner assumed in his application to the district court Bayern a “legal form misconduct”. For Leuschner Bayern long no longer fulfill the conditions to qualify as a club. The two letters at the end would therefore have gone. “It has become a legal interpretation developed, one would take it seriously, many functioning club structures almost insoluble problems arise,” he said, “Time Online”.


After deeming the actions of the association IN QUESTION the Clause 21 of the Civil Code contrary. It says that a club must pursue idealistic goals, its purpose must “not be directed to a commercial business operation”. The code economies can only be a secondary activity.


The FC Bayern München has implemented about half a billion euros last year – at about 270,000 members. Incidentally Bayern has long spun its Senior department as a public company, the club itself contributes 75.01 percent stake in it. Everything to be ancillary?


As a precedent of ADAC to apply. In the wake of the scandal over fake survey of automobile club with 19 million members and tens of millions of euros in sales had to change its structure fundamentally. To continue to be allowed to keep the status of an association, the ADAC had parts of his company to outsource.


The Bayern himself takes the allegations of Jura Professor Leuschner left and share ever “time line” with: “We believe that the application is unfounded.” Until 20 September, the club has to explain in detail – until then has him the district court, the deadline set.



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