Aude – It would have forced teenagers into prostitution and demand his release

Aude – It would have forced teenagers into prostitution and demand his release

The Montpellier appeal court must decide Friday, February 5 The appeal court must rule Montpellier Friday, February 5 PHOTO / DR

Ecrouée to the women’s prison in Perpignan since January 13 for ” scam on vulnerable people, “a woman in her forties capita Berriedale, a village close to Carcassonne , has asked for his release before the court of appeal of Montpellier.

during the session some details still under judicial investigation have been made public by the General counsel, and the least we can say is that they are chilling.

While the 42-year-old says he wants to regain the freedom to “recover his children,” his 15 year old daughter and two of her friends of the same age told the court she was forced by the suspect in jail since mid-January to fly in stores Carcassonne and Narbonne using his famous capes lined with aluminum to deceive alarm systems, but also stealing a laptop on the corpse of a homeless , and to …. prostitution . Also according to Advocate General Manon Brignol, victims have been elderly or disabled people contacted through the internet. Minor would have had to film their meeting with “clients” and then facilitate blackmail. This Carcassonnaise would also prostitute herself to allow at the same time adolescent girls burgle houses .

This is also in response to complaints to the burglary suspect was arrested on 11 January. And that’s what the statement after 48 hours of detention in mid January still called euphemistically a “scam on vulnerable person” but also an “incentive flight to minors.”

The Advocate General requested the detention, the suspect having been convicted nine times for similar offenses. “Take his accusations with caution” replied the lawyer of the forties. The decision whether to continue detention must be taken tomorrow by the Court of Appeal of Montpellier.

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