Aubry and his friends left the PS

“It is time to break the deadlock,” she said. Martine Aubry announced Sunday, February 28 in the columns of “Sunday Journal” that she and her family prepare to leave the leadership of the Socialist Party. “We’ll get out of the PS, we want to discuss with Jean-Christophe Cambadélis”, the boss of the party, said the former first secretary.

“I am well Lille and I will stay “

one more step towards a final divorce? Last Wednesday already, the mayor of Lille signed a vitriolic forum, entitled “A sustainable weakening of France is preparing” in “Le Monde”. Besides the labor law brought by Myriam El Khomri, she criticized the government’s implementation of the terms of responsibility pact, the “distressing debate about deprivation of nationality” or “indecent Munich speech” Manual Valls on refugees. The next day, Thursday, she had invited Hollande to undergo a primary left.

Sunday in the “JDD” Martine Aubry, who says not intend to be a candidate for 2017 – “I am well and I will stay in Lille” – did not give the names of his relatives poised to leave the PS

“We do not want that. it happen with pain “

Guests France Inter on Monday morning, his lieutenant François Lamy, former Minister of the City, said that” there are four or five national secretaries leave management, in ways we see with Jean-Christophe Cambadélis “. He himself holds the position of national secretary in charge of external relations. Another very close to the mayor of Lille, the deputy of Hauts-de-Seine and national secretary in charge of globalization pole, regulation and cooperation, Jean-Marc Germain, should follow suit. MEP Gilles Pargneaux has, meanwhile, already confirmed his departure from the national secretariat to the North / South relations to the “Voix du Nord”: “Today, the PS is useless”

<. p> on Monday the microphone of France inter, François Lamy presented these departures as “the logical consequence of a disagreement and especially a lack of usefulness to the proposals we have made.” He added: “We is not desired at all has to happen with pain.” “We just want this to what we fought all our lives to be preserved,” also said Martine Aubry in the “JDD” Sunday. “And we want to show people that the left has solutions.”

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